Amapiano Sample pack + free FLP!!!😎🔥

Amapiano Sample pack + free FLP!!!😎🔥

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Guys I finally got an Amapiano samples let’s see what’s in it and hope the sounds are good.

You can download the SamplePack below👇

Get the free FLP below👇👇👇

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Blog Comments

Ths 1 sounds me like deep tech not amapiano..dope👌👌

You should make an Amapiano song
This sounds fire🔥🔥🤮

Brah please react to our beats or flps

Thank you X 💕

Man could you check for Louie Vegas(or artists like Josh Milan,osunlade,Kerri chandler) sound
It be wonderful if you'd do a vid on such sounds please🙏🙏🙏

I'm learning a lot from you dawg..more videos plz

can you pliz email me the sample pack [email protected]

I like it it dope and that smooth melody mmm big up on that one

God bless🙏 you

Sho XD,Wow,great sample pack…….20 sounds,but makes one to dance. The beat u did great too

very very Dope,smtyms i hate mising sme of ua work yazi.

i like this sample pack bos

Thanks Man Finally Going To Do Remixes

Already Got The Sample Pack From Potion Ty but thanks

the author is potion ty on youtube

Thanks again for that pack and the video bro

Then ,for me to get those packs which mean I must go to internet.

Bro thank you very much, I was looking for this


can I have fl 20 rag keg

ohhhhhhhhh thanks you !!!!!

Thank you so much XD l preciate the good heart that you have my brother please keep on teaching us and keep on sharing king God bless

DOPE DOPE DOPE DOPE my bra and that it is a sirius groove perfect fast work.I would like to se more were you drawing dat long piano man.and thanx for everything bra u make me feel energized when I se you work bro I feel I could work with you right there🤘🤘

My guy did u give us the full sample pack?

Xdizzle my guy aii am learning a lot from u bru thank you Mann big ups bro and the track got me in the mood already I even have the sample pack wanna see whts gonna happen manje

Very clean..But the biggest struggle is coming up with those such melodies..You should do a tutorial about melodies

It dope 🙌🏻

your tutorial are the best

i love that you take time to fully explain into detail

thank you

Wow thanx X….
Im strugling with playing those keyz of amapiano….plz make a vedio atleast playing those keyz…

Thanks ma brother🙏

its not opening


Bro how do I stop crackling bro.. Can you please make a video on that!

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