Beat Critiques! Reacting To YouTube Music Producer Beats | CURTIQUE MY BEATS (EP 38)

Beat Critiques! Reacting To YouTube Music Producer Beats | CURTIQUE MY BEATS (EP 38)

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CURTIQUE MY BEATS is the series where Curtiss King critiques, listens, and reacts to YouTube and Soundcloud music producer beats and gives constructive and positive feedback on them. Music Beat Critiques For Music Producers Worldwide.


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Blog Comments

Projects 1st beat, I could hear Miguel on that.

Yo Beat by Juan that guitar you added on your first beat was so beautiful it sounded like you’ve modified your voice and the rythm behind it was so unique. I’ve never heard anything like this. These are the reasons why I am doing what I’m doing. You’ve probably changed my life forever and the way I view music today. I’m legit crying right now because I’m so fulfilled. Thank you beat by Juan THANK YOU! ???

Clean percussions are big big step

what's the name of the beat playing in the background while you're talking in the beginning?

Project at Work sounds like a Ja Rule beat

Night Shift was DOPEEEE

This series just helps to solidify how dope my beats are✊?

character lies in snare

the last dude was the best in this one

Malcom killed that shit wow

thanks curtiss in 10;02 u said the kick was dry which makes me remember that i should add some reverb to my kick thank once again

Commenting just to make the dude some money :b

Yoo JUAN add trap drums to ur beats n theyll sound siick

Love that song at the intro @curtiskingtv where can I hear it

I love your videos, how can we submit our beats?

Man your channel is awesome, thank you for everything you do!!!

Ok ok ok DAKU I see you on that beat!! shits nice! I like the offset of that opening kick on the downbeat of the intro to transition

Daku: That is a R E C O R D

a well mixed snare a day keeps the flicked nipples away

Man, I listened to this over like 10x already. I really feel what you're saying, and I hope my next tracks deliver what – you are right – I'm capable of. I'ma get there.

For anyone curious, 90% of my original music on my page is definitely not hiphop, so if youre into other kind of instrumentals, I'd love to see you there.

Thank you so much Mr Curtiss King. ?

Juan beat was ? ??, definitely my style.

Thanks Curtiss!!! Looking forward to send you another 2 beats after i will improve myself. You have inspired me to do so xD Thanks.

Thanks for the feedback. Working on some custom envelopes for my EQ's on the snares. I love using very heavy, muddy 808's but sometimes they fight with my snares.

Was hoping you would get to that half time 3rd drop on Stranger. I think you would have enjoyed the switch up.

Anyways. Thanks my man.

Malcolm what you doin to em man? This ain't no ordinary fire it's fuego

Daku I'm loving that sound of yours. You inspire me to take a cleaner approach to music. Thank you!

Those cold nipples thoooo!

Mike Mans keep up the great work! Second track is banging! Dopeness Malcom Heavy. Thx Curtis for the info! You’ve help me in so many ways. Thx for the positivity. Much love everyone! Ps. You sound just like my best friend by the way you talk lol

I love that I was the cause of the nipple drums. Anything for the culture. Lmao.

The thumbnails for this series are dope.

"That snare is…" Slap slap "I'm deead" ? love you man!

I guess for the next beat i gonna sample Curtiss' imitation of an 808 ( 13:25 ) and make a real 808 out of it. That would be a nice challenge xD

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