Beat Making In Fl Studio 12 Ep#6: Drake Type Beat

Beat Making In Fl Studio 12 Ep#6: Drake Type Beat

A beat making video in FL Studio 12 and this time we are making a Bryson Tiller, Drake and Post Malone type beat which is being produced by UK music producer and beatmaker Jay Stacks

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Blog Comments

You love what you do , for that like))

What is the name of this music?

the chords itself sounds like Two Birds One Stone by Drake

That was funny you typed down "I can't really sing" ?

Where you ganna take here again? Lol off flow

I started dieing when he was singing ???

damn u r goooooood ?

This is a good quality video! Thanks for taking the time to make everything just right! Most people have poor quality. Where do you get your sounds from? Keep on keeping on bro great tunes!

And the point of that was?.

loving the inspirations white board in the background.
It's shame you haven't stuck to producing.

can someone please tell me how to set up fl studio like this to where whatever is played will automatically be recorded into the piano roll? thanks

I like man, keep at it!


I really love your beats. I am a music maker also and I am looking for someone who makes beats. I would love to use some of yours to make some songs.

hey bro suggest me can i purchase samson 61 key midi controller for my fl studio 12 or not ?

How did you do the vocal thing effect

Jay Stacks Beats how did you connect your keyboard/piano on to the program ?


This was good ?


love the singing …lol nice one bro

Hey bro cool beat! Where you downloading the expansion for nexus? You have a link o something?

bruh nice! i enjoy watching other producers do thier thing.

ay how do u know what notes and chordes sound good with each other

what keyboard is that?

great job

Nice beat bro. What are you using to change your voice like that? Sounds really cool

Nice beat (Y)

nice man.

Nice Snickers ad product placement.

Da dope

What piano is he using?

yo what kidn of microphone is that? looks cool

Hey bro, good beat, the first song is a pad, right?

Nice video & setup.

crazy bro keep it up

nothing beats simplicity!!!

You got a dope set up bro and i like the way you edited the vocals like the weeknd sound.

what fx on your vox track ?


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