Beat Making In Fl Studio 12 w/ FREE FLP Prod. By Jay Stacks

Beat Making In Fl Studio 12 w/ FREE FLP Prod. By Jay Stacks

Beat Making in Fl Studio 12 with the free FLP Produced By Jay Stacks
Download The FLP Here:

Email: [email protected] For More Info
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud/JayStacksp
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please kindly share a direct link for the "SSO JJ and VYBE KIT".. i would really appreciate that.

when ya momma come in the room u can atleast put shit on pause and talk to her and see what she wants/need.. i promise i won't look at you different. nice beat player.. keep do ya thang


your sound Is very low

this beat was sick bro

valew pelas dicas mano, tamos junto

Everyone could do this its so easy

absolutely sick!

where can i download minimonsta's presets?

you are massiha

This was good ?


I'm young and would like to know which fruity loop pack should I buy for making songs audio and all?

Your voice is soo loud bro.. :/, i mean i cant hear you.. boost your microphone!

If u don't mind me asking, what app r u using that has all that stuff in there. And also where can I get those sounds from? Is there a specific pack to buy?

dude this is dope yo .

the track is the best I've ever heard in a long time. would it be possible for me to remake it and use it for my artist?

19:09 turn that shit down before I whoop yo ass!!!!

love you man your like this music

Jheeze… this is sick!

How'd you learn to do all this, I wanna start producing but I don't know where to start. I've got everything I need. I just find it hard to come up with something.

19:09 LMAOOO ?

how can i get nexus for free

Moms about to whop that ass bwoi. Nice beat though and great tutorial

Where can I get that kit bruh ?

How did you add the LV SelfMade Brass? I really dont know how to replicate that sound. Care to share?


No rule..that's d truth bro sick work

19:20 thank me later

At 2:58 when you went back on the piano roll how did you make the white rectangle shape blocks visible so you can put the green blocks on top. Can't seem to figure out how to do it?

Круто! Внеземная музыка! 🙂

nice beat! and 1 question! what was the scale you used for the "ghost notes". so you knew where to place the notes…

We got to collab. The sounds are STUPID SICK BRO!

I will finish the beat for you bro.

Ur high af aren't you

noice dope af

Nice beat Jay 😉

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