Becoming a Better Singer : How to Learn to Sing Better

Becoming a Better Singer : How to Learn to Sing Better

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To learn to sing better, all you need is your voice and your body. Become a better singer with help from an experienced vocalist in this free video on singing.

Expert: Karen Lyu
Bio: Karen Lyu is an experienced vocalist who has performed over 20 styles of music in her career.
Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge

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hahahha this lady made me laugh so much

Lol that entrance though XD You Knooooww That ………

Sucks to suck.

you have a very nice voice !

this doesn't work 🙁

but all you did is make me laugh……..

Thanks! This really helped!

funny dude i mean lady

This video is funny but her tips actually work. Thank you for posting this video 🙂

this makes me feel uncomfortable

Excelent, i like that.

so stupid

same last name but lower case

lalalalalalalalallalallallalalla look im singing!I did it!


lol at first i didnt read what she typed on the video so i thought she said im a homeless voice coach


come on have to be serious … you can do this meooowwwwww!>:O


I actually found this useful. Thank you Ms. Lyu!

Haha funny


@LilyMagdaleno1 thats what i heard lol

did she sing "cow"?

this is so wierd and funny i agree!

very helpful!! 🙂

I can't take this seriously XD It's so funny!

She is too funny:)))

She is too funny:)))

LOL! i luvd it!

OK why are we talking about cows….or meow lol……whatever she said!

omg this is all exactly
what our choir teacher tells us. we do the breathing everyday for 8,16,24,32 seconds!

u can still lean over on a chair .


@TheSupershooter 'oh i heart leona lewis!'…

Meow. XD

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