Cxdy & Ghxst Talk Making Six-Figures Selling Beats Online

Cxdy & Ghxst Talk Making Six-Figures Selling Beats Online

Sell Beats – #BeatStars members #Cxdy and #Ghxst talk making six-figures selling beats online and break down all the equipment in their studios in this exclusive interview.

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Now thanks to CXDY I don’t feel like a weirdo when I tell people I only use my headphones to make music and master and the speakers to just listen over

Ghxst looks like Snowden

such insight ! thank you, crazy to think the time they have been doing this

I started making beats about a 2 years ago I wish j could quit my job and take this on fulltime

Fire interview!

Why Pain didn`t ask cxdy about free beats? I`m interested, cuz Pain in his interview speaks so much about guys who posted a lot of free beats and making industry wick.

MOTIVATION! ?? dope interview man ??

if the talent is there then it's more about the marketing side

Like how Ghxst keeps it real, its hard to make it but some people make it seem easy.

I love these dudes I purchased from them both. Y'all need to stay up on these two fr fr. Much Love!

Great interview so much helpfull information ! And Cxdy is such a troll haha !

Hella good info here

Love this!

Very interesting and informative conversation ??


This is super valuable info. Thanks for the shared experiences. A must watch for Internet & Industry producers alike.

We watch all of these interviews, and once again, they're very valuable. Thanks for another dope one.

I'm not consistent I been putting a site together but every time I'm close to done it feel not good enough and I'm dope but feeling like you tubers Kno a beat be dope a still dislike check me you. Tube sologotbeatz and let me kno

Thanks for information!?

I use to think it was just ignorance as to what the online beat selling business is about but after that jd breakfast club interview i think there is a concious decision to dominish online producers

Key Words!

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences! I learned so much. You are a talented interviewer, DJ Pain. Thank you! ??

Really cool video, this inspired me to work harder.

Thank you very much for this vid beatstars!

Super informative. Ghxst's Tyga story was really interesting too…

Ghxst looks like an undercover fbi producer

Awesome video guys. So much useful info in these!

Cxdy gotta come back to us on that keyword marketing scheme.

Really enjoyed this interview! Loved hearing their amazing stories and meeting these two producers. Great job on the questions, DJ Pain1!! I didn’t want it to end!

Dope interview as always ?

They fear what they don't understand..

Thanks for sharing this guys

ghxst looks like 40

Hey, thanks for this beatStarts. I have been producing for 10 years and I finally decided to upload and make a store thanks to your videos.

The major label part is sad really. Had an A&R call about one of my tracks with a disrespectful offer. When I told him no, he was acting outraged and trying to convince me otherwise with empty promises… I cut the convo short. Unfortunately there are many young producers who don't understand the business and give their rights away quickly. My advice is to focus on building your own brand and have a great lawyer for these types of situations. Shout out Pain, Cxdy & Ghxst.

need help.
So… publishing beat tapes first in the market, such as spotify etc, is a good idea, or bad in case someone big wants to buy a beat?
I have been doing it for a long time.
for example, I have 4 beat tapes in the market with many beats that I am now publishing in beatstars all these beats for rappers/singers.

I keep hearing Steven Victor contacting CashmoneyAP…now also Cxdy. He also had contacted me about the beat like year ago. We made a deal and I was on Tyga`s mixtape Buggatti Raww – didnt expect that outcome but yeah!
Good interview as always from DJ Pain! Thank you! ??

Great videos & great artists ?


Dope inspiration for upcoming producers! You don't have to be in the industry to make a living. Just interact with the fans and stay consistent??

Have to have an X in your name to make 6 figures in producing the same way you have to have Lil to be a famous rapper. It's like in NFL Street where the gear you wore increased your stats.

Trey way

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