Do You HAVE To Be A TYPE BEAT Music Producer To Sell Beats Online?

Do You HAVE To Be A TYPE BEAT Music Producer To Sell Beats Online?

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Music Producers, TYPE BEATS is an awesome/low cost way to promote your beats for sale to a large audience, but is this marketing tool necessary for EVERY producer?

Short Answer, NO! Today Curtiss King digs deep into alternative routes for music producers that sell beats online to get their music and brand noticed minus the TYPE BEATS route.



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Blog Comments

Anyone have advice for marketing beats online without labelling themas type beats?

Awesome advice! Thats exactly where I am… Arts and Crafted coming spring of 2019

I just make beat I dont know who for lol

Chief rokka

Come from the beginning, no type beats then. Sold 134 Exclusives this year alone, own lane, customers from 04.Stay in your lane

I totally agree. Making rap beats isn't as easy as people think and some of these type beats I hear have no flow.


Thanks Ive been feeling that way latley. Im trying to go that route and I find my beats come out better when Im staying away from a type beat.

bro this is dope keep pushing ?


I think moreso to the issue is with the culture is that for the last 2-3 years especially, the type beat thing has gone so far up that nowadays these new rappers that's mainly all they can ask when approaching us producers because 9 times out of 10 you will be ask, "hey fam, can you make me a beat like Lil Uzi vert, or you got any beats that sound like a Drake type beat?" And so forth, so it's up to us a producers to be smart and start changing the scene n the culture by staying in our own lane and showing casing more then just type beats, once upon a Time a beat use to be made up based off emotions and what you were inspired by or feeling on that exact they before you started cooking up, now a days I think producers sit in the lab and go aight now how can I make this 21 Savage type beat so I can put that out and try to tread some new clientele..

I always try to switch up to make type beats but I realized my beats are type beats. They’re Gully type beats.

you an inspiration my g.

Seen some west coast producers doing this a while ago I gave some thought to it but by the time I decided. I got a contract for a 20 pack with coast 2 coast in July mind you I started producing in April of the same year 2018. I have been a rapper over 25 years. But I am from the Bronx you know them gang banging drug dealers rappers. Which don't matter if you a signed artist per say the hood cred pays more especially if you known on that platform. I did stop looking for deals in the late 90's and went hood rich so to speak mos def cramped my music career trap and crack spot don't work together either rap or deal. I basically went mix tape ape and started just putting out freestyles over beats and not type beats it existed but wasn't popping yet indie hadn't taken off thanks to you tube. You made a lot of things possible for me with your advice suggestions and tutorials in my jackpot you will be appreciated I will be in touch bless up and if I can be of support to your p=process look me I am a professional with many hats and degrees forced through college by federal parole so I lucked out and now use my education towards the game stay blessed.


i grew up on heavy metal and classic rock so i dont know any artist or wat they sound like so i just try and think of a cool name

Have you heard of Hello Demo which has been recently launched on kickstarter. It’s for music producers.

My beats aren't any 'type' beats. Not even my 'type'.
I guess I don't really have a style. Mad style, but no style.

Nope not one bit, i personally find it better to make your own style and push it on the world if it is refined well enough.

I can’t make type beats to save my life. shit. Great video

Not even room for a "… Ay.." ?

Thanks for confirming my thoughts for the past 5 years! You the man Curtiss!

Yo. I needed this Curtis. I'm from South Africa. I entered an online beat sample challenge in of which I submitted an afro beat vibe beat i made which was not the typical beat one would jump on in the hip hop scene. When they got to my beat, everyone was busy talking about how, "yo I can't see a rapper on this or played anywhere which in my view has less to do with whether the beat was actually good (creatively, mixing, etc).

I will never use another mans name and hard work to attempt to gain attention. I'm not hating on those who do it, I could just never do it personally.

Yo that's what I'm trying to build but unfortunately it's hard to get views on them because most people are looking for type beats. So I'm just gonna keep going until i get access to that niche ??

Inspiring! Well said…

Found your channel after being a long-time fan of Busy Work Beats! Gotta say, keep up the good work! Tight beats, tight video's, the good-stuff! But eh…. Collab more with the man, you two are a dangerous duo. 🙂 It's like adding mayonnaise to your fries, it just gets better. 😀

i needed this!! you are highly appreciated!

This type beat thing is honestly boring and doesn't even work that well anymore. Just makes me feel like starting over and just branding myself with my own style of visuals/ beat names.

beat streaming is the future.

Please help me understand on Fl studio 12, in the Initial Heat Up2 program why I can't do a simple bass slide in the "piano roll section" then I have notes layed out there and when I click on the note to add "slide" in the "Notes Property" section, I click accept then the note won't even play…not a sound!! Heat up2 does glide but it does it automatically but I want to control how long and how fast I want to move the slide myself in the "Piano Roll section!!" Please help me Curtiss King!!

Curt i need help getting my music on spptify etc. I tried several times with some of my best quality beats and still got rejected

I'm so glad to have heard this from you King. I've been having issues with finishing beats because I could never finish a trap beat. I didn't think to try and sell what I'm probably better at, which I think is more electronic than anything else.

I know I don't make type beats at this time. My question is : Should I build a catalog of beats before I release them to make money from them?

Mr. Curtiss i love your vids i did a lofi hiphop beats ep when i watch your video about your playlists on Spotify, but i didnt know if i can put it on your playlists, is there a way possible to submit? Thank you, you are an inspiration

That Lakers hat is fire. #Lakeshow

QUESTION: I wanna send in for the Curtique, Since I started 4-5 months ago, I wanted to send a older beat and a newer beat. the progress is crazy :p Guaranteed

You know what's funny? Just yesterday day I broke away from this trend because I felt like no one was rocking with my type beats, but after watching this video, you've helped me realize that it's not that my beats are garbage and nobody likes them, it's just that they weren't for the right audience. Eventually, I do want my beats to be rapped over, but as of right now
I should be aiming my beats towards the audience that they're meant for.

Thanks, Curtis.

Loved that Les Brown quote towards the end. Dope vid fam ?

The "Type beat" phrase will eventually go away and it'll be called something else in a few years. This game keeps evolving.

So true curtis

So basically if you want to sell beats to rappers you need to be a type beat producer ??‍♂️

Thanks for this one ⚡️

but is fine to combine styles

Brooooo this was so inspiring thank you

Thank you for this video, Curtiss. My beats always have sounded relaxing and meditative because I am that, however, I tried to get into the sell beat online wave and the type beat producer wave but It never had resonated with me more than making meditative or binaural/mood beats has. Four months ago, I took a mental health break from music over Spring and Summer to reconnect with my (higher power/spirit man) self and the main reason why I wanted to produce music which is to give people hope to have peace, positivity, forgiveness, and happiness with themselves inner and outer. Now I am, like I said on your previous video with Hayden, producing for myself and working with my brother on music.

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