Economic Specialist Explains Why Your Beats Aren't Selling

Economic Specialist Explains Why Your Beats Aren't Selling

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In this video I discuss three reasons why your beats aren’t selling well & how to start selling more beats and earn more money online !

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I've been looking forward to testing out this new type of discussion-based video, let me know what you think so far- I also created a discord server:

You can send a message there or DM on Insta @paulallenlive

The advice is great but seems so vague being as tho it’s plenty of producers that don’t have the following in social media but they’re YouTube numbers are doing better than producers that have a social media presence it just seems so confusing when you receive advice from producers and they make it sound so easy to do these things

Dude, thank you, fr, THANK YOU !

whats an example of building a story as a producer ??/

Dope vid, just subbed ? Check out my latest beat!

My Brand stands for: "BASS" aka K-sonic Sounds, If my music is too loud, you're too old – Sonic in "Sonic Boom" – K is the first letter in my name (obviously)

My story is:
I've always loved music as a toddler, I used to love to press buttons and I've always been curious of all sorts of electronics also I particularly loved Cassette Decks and CD Players, I loved car audio as well as home audio and that sparked a idea in my head to "break to fix" my mom's electronics at 4 years old…. I was known for always breaking electronics as a teenager (since always did that as a toddler) by family members (fast forward) I am now known for fixing electronics and troubleshooting also the word BASS cause I say "my beats got dat bass" a lot to my mom.

My mom knows my brand. lol.

thanks for that

thanks for the advices

Aye where can I find that background beat?

Yo Paul how do you master your beats

Economic Specialist?

Hey Paul were did you get your producer tag from? Great vid btw?


Good tips?

Thanks for the helpful tips ?

I'm not even selling beats yet, but i see PAUL ALLEN. I click

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