Exclusive Beats – Selling Exclusive Rights + Contracts Explained

Exclusive Beats – Selling Exclusive Rights + Contracts Explained

Sell Beats

In this video I go over exclusive rights and explain exclusive rights contracts!
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Blog Comments

yooo what’s a BMI number I’m mad confused

What is it called to buy whole ownership with paying royalties

Id be really great if you did a video with the artist perspective

…also, how do i get the contract?

I just want to say thank you so much for helping us and teaching us. I can't wait to support your business! much love and respect to you! God bless!

Great video bro Thanks! One quick question though, how does the artist pay you the 50%?

Great Video. Can you PLEASE make a video on How to Clear Samples?

do you prefer beatstars or traktrain too sale beats ?

Im sorry but what does writing and publishing shares mean ?

Is this a BEAT STARS CONTRACT ALSO…..this was alot shorter than the last vid i watched…..this is straight to the point.

Yo,what’s up bro loving the content of your videos they are a great help ,I’m new to this ! Not new to making beats though .would love to collaborate with you check out my stuff on Beatstars I’ve just uploaded . Let me know if you are interested .soul brother keep the Faith

Do I have to clear a sample if the sample is royalty free

I am making beats from a year ago bro.. Now I am following you… But there is nothing i am making from my beats…. Lot of respect to you.. Because i am learning so much.. Shout out…. I wish i can make some after following your footsteps…

Yo, what about those producers you see who sell the exclusive rights and still keep the beat on their beat store or you tube but put (Sold)

Thanks for the video! How does the royaIties work in beatstars?

Great video man!! good tips and great template to learn from.

So what about copyrighting after purchase of the exclusive do you need all of the producers information or can you just use the info from the contract?

Cant the artist just scam u by deleting the contract from the file u just sent him through email? Or he can just take the beat without replying to the contract. What would producer do about it?

I've got a Question,
If someones purchases a beat non exclusive, and another person buys the same beat exclusive after the other person, does this work?.

So can i sell multiple non exclusives and one exclusive, or just 1 exclusive at all? (from the same beat)

Real helpful man. Thank you.

If a rapper buys your beat, can they edit it as much as the want? Like say, they pitch it up, change the tempo, add some changeups, chops whatever..

If someone buys an exclusive, do you need to take down the beat from beatstars or does it get taken down automaticly?

so I have a question for you as an artist, if I purchase an exclusive beat can I take the sample out of the stems if that's possible, say i purchased a hip-hop beat with Michael Jackson vocals in the background, is it possible that I can just delete the sample part when I buy the exclusive?

REALLY helpful! ?? Just got 2 more questions:

1. I'm still wondering what those 50% publishing rights actually include?
Does this mean you'll get 50% of any physical and digital sales, plus all the streaming income and the money if it's played live, in a club or on the radio?

2. How do i set up an exclusive contract if I sold an exclusive CUSTOM beat via the services feature on beatstars, that has never been a leasable beat on my website. Can I just copy the beatstars exclusive contract fill his data in and send it to him? Is it necessary to get it back a signed version? Or does just sending it to him meen, that it's already legally?

Thanks for the help ?

What if a beat has been leased a few times and someone wants exclusive rights. Should u stil sell it

What happens if you lease a beat to Rapper A, and then a couple months later Rapper B buys Exclusive, does A have to take down their song on all platforms or are they unaffected?

Now what if you have the beat after the deal is made. Can you still play it as long as you're not selling it and it's for non-profit use? Thanks in advance!

How can you implement your own contract electronically? Say I want to use a beatstars template and make a sale outside of the site, for example.

Do i have too clear a sample from a nick mira pack for example?

how do you clear samples tho cause uhhhh….

Do i get publishing (Royalty) on my non exclusive contracts. (I use beatstars)

Should i type my Pro number to the publishing part or just the pro's name i'm working with.. i'm pretty noob at these

So would your real name or producer name go into the publishing part? I asked a person who is interested about my beats for the name to the contract and he said just use John Doe.. Is this a scam.. Also i noticed there isn't any writing shares on the contract should there be

Thanks for the knowledge ?

Extremely helpful my guy, you should make a video on clearing sample beats. Keep up the great work

I’m glad I found this I needed to learn this ???


I didn't understand the sample part like if I have a sample or some vocals from a kit I downloaded, and someone wants to buy my beat, what do I do then, The sample is part of the beat isn't it?

Good To Know

Are you ever going to change the color scheme on your computer? ? 1:21

Can i copy that contract since its already formated correctly and edit it whenever i make a sell thats not thru beatstars?

Great video bro! Very necessary!!

Can I give free beats with samples just to promote my site, beats, brand etc?

Just subbed

Do you want to change the color scheme to improve performance?

Very important info fam. Beatstars really got there game together on the that exclusive contract tho. I've been waiting for something like this for a long time now. Too much mixed information about exclusives on the net, but what you've explained is fair and on point. ????

need a template of this

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