Fl Studio 10 & 11 Tutorial: How To Stop 808’s Overlapping

Fl Studio 10 & 11 Tutorial: How To Stop 808’s Overlapping

A basic fl studio tutorial on how to stop 808’s overlapping and making the notes last as long as you want.

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so what to do if you made your own 808 in something like sytrus how do you do it then ?

Can this be done in Ableton??

Thank You G! simple and helpful

What drum kit you get that Bass_Drop from?

Where can i get that Bass_drop 13??? Please tell.me.

take the background music off your videos makes it hard to concentrate on the sounds your explaining

thanks bro

why the fuck you got the background music i cant focus on what u saying

"fuckin play bitch" lmao im dead

2:42 when bae texts you in the middle of a video ????

holy shit that was so easy thank you god for showing me this

You're a lifesaver :0


My channel settings looks different, it looks newer. why?

so good to hear a ldn bruddda lol, keep it up my g

thank you

Thank you so much man

Finally. I found out how. 🙂 Thanks.

thanks so much i needed this right now

ali g

((For noobs.\))
Explain why you mess with the envelope in the second explanation .
What does each knob have to do with fixing the overlapping bs ?

what about for fl studio 12

I use fl studio 11

I don't hear it in fl, but when I download the mp3 I can still hear it overlap

I use sytrus for my 808s help!!!!

I was stuck with the 808s overlapping since I got fl and all I needed to do was click cut itself cheers m8

Exactly what I needed thanks bro

Thanks pimp

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