Fl Studio 10 & 11 Tutorial: TapeStops & Beat Chop Effect

Fl Studio 10 & 11 Tutorial: TapeStops & Beat Chop Effect

Basic Tutorial On How To Do Tape Stops And What I Call The French Montana Effect.

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Blog Comments

Yoo that was nasty LMFAOO!!

nice,,,, an thank u,,,,,, can u listen to this song an do it your own way,, its called diffrent by spider da chief…… i luv what you just showed me……

Nice Bro… (*_*)

thats some cool shit man dope

how do I get the drop down menu where u can change the curve type

Do some more gross beat effect please

You are the BEST…! This Tutorial was on point…. thank you!!!!


Hell yeah ?

Mixing vocals n Fl studio

if you can recommend a tutorial on fixing vocals for r n b track using just fl studio. 

man thank you for this tut!

Cool thanks

the problem i have with this way is that when the automation clip turns on, it clips, and when the beat is exported you can hear it go on and of with a slight clip noise. dont know if thats just my sound card or whatever

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