FL Studio 12 – Basic Settings by Jay Stacks

FL Studio 12 – Basic Settings by Jay Stacks

FL Studio 12 – Basic Settings That Should Help Your Workflow And Less Chances Of You Messing Up Or Losing Your Work.

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Thanks mister obvious

i tried the audio effects but i still cant hear my drums kicks or snares. help

Can someone tell me how to change language?

hey man. I was having the same trouble trying to get sound in my plugins. How did you fix that problem you had?

what kind of template are you using

drivers conflit, close all and re open fl


can you please help me? i wanna install massive onto fl 12 but mine only has "Manage plugins" not what you have. and i'v seen no one have that but me

i learned lots 🙂

your mistake was dragging the vst from effects, you need to drag it from generators. So that's pluginDatabase>>>installed>>>Genarators>>>>vst, and then drag your vst from there, Hope that makes sense.

second… :3 ^^

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