FL Studio 12 Tutorial: Chord Progression

FL Studio 12 Tutorial: Chord Progression

FL Studio 12 Tutorial: Chord Progression | Here is a quick video for people who have problem making good chord progressions.

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Blog Comments

best trips

Great app thanks brethren

Hahahha like your video bro

Slick it is man!

BaaaaaD video…loved it. Are you on Face Book?

Lmao "Gayest beat I ever made" I said something like that when I first started a couple years ago. Safe you helped me explain some shit.

how can i make that invisible from 1st chord piano?

helped WAY too much

Thank's Man !! Great Tutorial's !! 🙂

Hey, thank YOU, for this great tips!

The autochords site is a GOLD piece!

How do I make chords for the entire song? 
How do I create chords for different song sections (verse, chorus etc) and have them connect together well.
The 4 chords in this video just repeat in a loop, but I don't think most songs are made thus way

thanks  a lot

Thanks man 🙂


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