(FREE) 2019 NBA Youngboy x Polo G Type Beat " Run Its Course " (Prod By TnTXD x Tago x Dmajor)

(FREE) 2019 NBA Youngboy x Polo G Type Beat " Run Its Course " (Prod By TnTXD x Tago x Dmajor)

(FREE) 2019 NBA Youngboy x Polo G Type Beat " Run Its Course " (Prod By TnTXD x Tago x Dmajor)

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(FREE) 2019 NBA Youngboy x Polo G Type Beat ” Run Its Course ” (Prod By TnTXD x Tago x Dmajor)


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Blog Comments

Heat with my bros Tago & Dmajor ❗️What do y’all want next? ????

Rg official

Found it rg lmaoo

This one of them rip my family type beats to rap on

Great work! ?? Hoping there's more to come!

I think i have a hit to this..sitting here with my blunt writing..this is my happy place

I rock wit this beat. I wanna do somethin to this frfr #420ish

This fire big bruh ❗️

New song coming soon aye who ever made this beat hmu so i can get u on with my team??

You too hard ?, I just subscribed let’s support each other


Steady praying to god, when my bets against all odds, i wont fold cause thats what i was taught, oh i all this pain you brought, but still a lesson that was taught, so many battles i had fought, the only coping was this pot, cant even give you props, cause you left me i was lost, all asked for was the loyalty how much did it cost? Cause you act like you couldnt help me when i couldnt fucking stop, heard they want my body dropped, but i cant ever fucking stop gotta make it to the top. Got to show them what i got, so many days was fucking lost, i swear im down to send some shots, if they ever try to to test me, i cant let it be, we aiming steadily, and we hit him with that metal piece, yeah we can settle this, ive been floating round this city i think you should know, bitch im down to leave a nigga cold, his sentence was death row, if you try to run up you wont even get close, better keep yo fucking nose, fill the shotty up with bullets then blood on yo clothes, yous a hoe, i cant let this shit go, i stand ten toes, and if its up then im snatching me a soul, we buy some poles, run up and through up the 4s, we want yo bread so i turn you to toast, i want yo head so i got me a scope, filled u up with led i aint whiping yo nose, fuck what they said bitch ill cut me a throat, the south filled with soldiers, these days they get colder, i swear my people cross that border, so ima put my life in order, this time is getting shorter, and im not staying sober, these demons taking over, im out of luck no four leaf clover…



can I use this for my rap please?

@TnTXD can you send me this beat i got some fire forbit

Dawg this is fuego.

I did it again I did it again dam I done fell in lovvveee after I told myself that i was done with loveee

Your beats are fire fam thank you for your work?

Mane whats this goin for tap in [email protected]gmail.com

Stay hustling fam! ? I am a music producer, do you mind checking out my channel and let me know your thoughts?

Beautiful, Beautiful that girl did something to me
Beautiful, Beautiful I think she the one that I need

Fire ??

Could I use this if want to rap on it?

what guitar is that?

What’s that guitar plug in ???

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Need this beat can u email me?

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