(FREE) 6lack Type Beat x XXXTENTACION Type Beat – "Rooftop"

(FREE) 6lack Type Beat x XXXTENTACION Type Beat – "Rooftop"

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Rooftop | Prod. LCS x Niko

Sample: Billie Eilish – listen before I go


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Hey guys, now you can stream my beats on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, etc. I’ll be uploading every month little beat tapes with beats that are on Youtube and some that are not. So make sure to follow me on those platforms too. And as always thanks for your support!

Here is the first beat tape I uploaded there https://song.link/album/i/1463293165


It's been an artict season, burdened shoulders leave a stinging feeling, got emotions running high trynna escape this feeling, burned shoulders seem closer, always losing my composure, running from pain that I don't know the source of, finna run and hide till I can't go further, reaching the peak never seemed so closer, sitting on a ledge let my thoughts go free, when I think about my future it's just you and me, ruining my life I just can't believe it, letting you die from my memories, I can't fucking breathe, please let me go, just set me free, from this world where without you I just can't be, from this world where without you I just can't be, please just set me fucking free.

All this time thinking I was the problem when yoh lived inside my mind, silently controlling like a fucking spy, I'm a little too young to be this hurt,

Can I use this beat for a song?

Can you actually sell this or it be used without someone making claims on it since it has samples in it? Just thinking of what recently went down with Lil Naz X.

Is there an option to have the beat without the billie elish sample???

Taaake me.. to the rooftop, were we first met

I was gona jump off, but uuu held me back,
U didnt let goo.

U tooold me lifes worth livin e-ven if i think it isnt, youu saved me.. from myself there

Yo brother, I’m just here to say I’m different to anyone else in the Uk and I think I have what it takes to produce hit songs. All I ask is for you to listen and if possible share. Thanks for your time https://m.soundcloud.com/official_chocolate/2ec-criminal-prod-by-kinetix-x-yukesh-gurung

Ain't this a drake type beat with the same title?

This is good for a sad rap song

Real shit or nah?

I'm optimistic, plottin' on getting out of this business
I know you can't forget the moments, the sunset with those kisses
We were somethin' I won't ever feel again with all of these bitches
Wounds wide open, your hugs closed 'em better than any stitches

Locked up in this reality, stucked in a confused concept
Should I face this pain or die trying with tons of my lovely Percocets
Hide my feelings and my tears everyday in a fucking closet
I'm just too good at hiding to tell my end is actually gettin closer

Fed with lies for years, his words only got me more pissed

https://soundcloud.com/user-712843804/rooftop-ig-prod-lcs-x-niko here something I made to this I beat I really love this beat and I would appreciate it very much if you checked it out and give me your thoughts thank you for your time ❗️?☝️

I love the billie eilish samples ❤️

I found this song ♡

How much would you charge for a beat

Under the palm trees listening to the breeze
Looking into the night sky waiting to see your beautiful gleam
Times gone so fast but my insecurities lead to the past,
I fear to see it end how it did
My pain is gained for another’s pleasure

Tbh idk what I’m going on about

This actually sounds like an X beat lol

I recorded to this song if you wanna hear it I posted a snippet of it on my Instagram @bck_i.g big shoutout to LCS for this amazing beat ?

this beat is for you ? https://youtu.be/jKhPK4c4JT8

S A D . . . .

whats the sample for this

take me back to the days,
where i had no worries, no errors in my ways, no going insane
nowadays all i feel is pain coursing through my veins, through my brain
watching the rain, wonder if things would’ve changed, if you felt the same
(if you felt the same)
take me to the rooftop at the end of my days,
when i feel my world stop, keep the demons at bay
know i cannot stay, pour the water on my flame
pour a 40 on my grave
know i can’t be saved
i’ma die today
broken hearted, but i keep on walking
dearly departed, don’t know why i continue talking
don’t remember where it started, acting heartless
remember when we parted, basking in the darkness
(basking in the darkness)
chasing dreams but i know i’m chasing ghosts
nothing what it seems, tryna die out on the coast
my mind is so obscene, that’s why i can’t get close
the pain is too much to conceive, when i think of you the most


bleeding from my wrists while i watch the time pass
throw my life away while i’m actin with no fuckin class
staring through the glass, hate what’s lookin back
lay down on the tracks, wait for my world to turn black, ain’t no turnin back, nope
losing hope,
cannot cope,
pickin up the phone,
need a voice to talk to but all i'm hearin is dial tones
poppin pills til my breathing slows
contemplate the rope
so below,
lost my mind so long ago
underrated, underestimated
never hesitated
retaliation, when i was berated,
now they bump my playlist
fueled by fucking hatred
shouldn’t have to fuckin say this
know i’ll never make it
but it ain’t bout being famous
and it ain’t about the greatness
it’s bout this picture that i painted
reputation tainted, getting faded
thinking bout the end just to feel elated
hope you cannot feel relation
why’s this life so complicated?
all this pain that i’ve created-
but by this pain i’m motivated.

Why did you report my video? beat is free

O cara bota beat (free) dps denúncia meu video tnc, ainda dxei os creditos td certinho

You told me that you love bitch you reckless/
I showed you that I cared bitch I don’t I understand you/
I tried to give my heart and you took that for granted/
So now I’m on my own and going through a rampage/

If you wanna talk about it meet me at the rooftop/
I don’t wanna love nobody else cause you all I got/
I don’t wanna see nobody else cause you in my dreams/
I don’t wanna show nobody else what you gave to me.

SUBSCRIBE TO LISTEN TO THIS song SON❤️?????? this beat is dope bruv

I did something with this song!! Please check out


So I added Tupac on this beat : https://youtu.be/a4CuuysLj1g ??‍♀️ ( I credited you too)

Damnn this beat is something else… Well done bro

id like to use this in a song on spotify i donjt know how it works but if i get revenue can i redirect it to you?

Take me/
To the rooftop
I wanna see/
The world when I stop breathing/
I'm turnin' blue
For you/
Your mind so heavy
With your secrets
Your barring/
I wont leave you
when the times your needing/
Times and place
Where we're falling/

Lets restart the movement/
With our hands clasp/
And the room lit/
So bright/
That times went by/
I'll never forget you
When our fates clink twice/
(I'm falling down baby
With my mind on you/
And it's hard to see/
Without your light in view/
Cursed by fate to ride the time
Without you
And I'm missing every second
With that vibe about you/)*2

Take me/
To the rooftop
I wanna see/
The world when I stop breathing/
I'm turnin' blue
For you/
Your mind so heavy
With your secrets
Your barring/
I wont leave you
when the times your needing/
Times and place
Where we're falling/

🙂 https://soundcloud.com/marko-marko-935690051/rooftop Enjoy. Love. Positive Energy Only

Take my soul into the moonlight

Always looked at different views
Im seeing things you dont and did it without switching crews
Risking everything I really dont got shit to lose
And not explaining shit I dont got nothing left prove

Aye every night every time I feel like a lie just if I could fly

Love it

Didn’t Niko post this same video? Or do you own multiple accounts lol

shorty…. why u left me so lonely u were my evrything i thought u loved me but guess i was wrong

Life too short
Looking on the rooftop.
Seas turn gray.
Storm coming raining down on me
Thinking regrets.
I cry like a little bitch
No one here to save me.
Depressed as usual
Suicide running thru my mind
God save me
Next day..
Saying bye

Comment if its good. Tried my best

Good sound man

This is a EP, soon to be a mixtape.
I have 5 songs made already.
One of them is survive.
I used this beat.

Wats the sample from so smooth and melodic

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