[FREE] A Boogie x Roddy Ricch Type Beat 2019 "Karma" | Smooth Trap Type Beat / Instrumental

[FREE] A Boogie x Roddy Ricch Type Beat 2019 "Karma" | Smooth Trap Type Beat / Instrumental

[FREE] A Boogie x Roddy Ricch Type Beat 2019 "Karma" | Smooth Trap Type Beat / Instrumental

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[FREE] A Boogie x Roddy Ricch Type Beat 2019 “Karma” | Smooth Trap Type Beat / Instrumental

Produced By @SpeakerBangerz x @DeltahBeats

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Blog Comments

Yo how do I buy this beat

So I can make a song using this beat and put it on SoundCloud???????

Made my own lil version to it https://youtu.be/bTgIYFp24w4

https://youtu.be/M-gxyCArJzk made a hit with this beat

Okayyyy I see u I see u

how much

I MADE A MUSIC VIDEO TO THIS BEAT https://youtu.be/wmt_jp45YBc

Tryna purchase

i want to purchase the wav lease

too repetitive ?but it’s fiya

True diffinition of inspiration


how can you lease this beat?

Listen to my song using this beat on my channel

Baby got lean in the cup
Im pullin up
Im really givin 2 fucks
Bitches they given us looks
In the kitchen ima cook
U know they fuckin wit us
Not to many i can trust
I might fuck a bitch n bust
What is love its all lust
What is love its all lust

how much this shit go crazy

This beat ain’t on his website?

Ball like mcgrady
These niggas so shady
stay on my lonely
My drink concentrated
My mind meditating
Cut and scars
I’ve been betrayed c2
I just wanna quit
Feel like the end
Now way to win
Free my dawgs
in the pin
I’m trynna count these Ms
Swerve in the Benz
And juhhh flex with my friends
Till it’s the end

I want the cash
I want the bag yeah
I’m trynna go and just spaz yeah
Bout to go head do the dash yeah
You want all my riches
But you wasn’t there
When i was in them rags yeah
Now would you just love if me
If this money doesn’t last yeah

Im like fast lane
fast car
Me and Larry we some rap star
Td up
Bihh I’m Feeling like we trap star
Ball in a coupe
Bihh i juhh feel like Shazam
How tf you is gone snap
When you don’t got no hands

Rockstar life style
I’m trynna live it
Sick off the drugs
Yeah my spleen i can’t feel it
Paranoid sadness
Is my biggest villain
So i light up a splif
so i don’t even feel it

Still available for lease?

Gave this a thumbs up. Beat is ? checkout my latest upload



1 in the air
twin glocks Tia Tamera

Choppin eat em up with kick
Up stairs

Got One in the dick an one foot in the rear


Can’t find this beat on your website… where can I buy exclusive?

Nice Job!

How do I make thumb nails like this if anybody could help me?? Thanks

Ricordi di questo stradone deserto sole caldo che scalda cuore e petto correvamo scalzi i piedi bruciati come fossimo in un deserto assetati di ribellione giocavamo con un pallone con il sogno e la convinzione degli sguardi e dell'Unione
Ora perché mamma dimmi perché questo non c'è
Mamma dimmi perché maa mamma ma mammaa yah yah

Finestre crinate e strade fatate odore di strade bagnate magliette sudate donne anziane impegnate a godersi la pace da li in alto osservavo il paese ipnotizzato da luci accese ho imparato li ad amare tu piangevi io ad ascoltare
Li soli noi stessi e sommersi da mille difetti pensieri ci stavano stretti coltivi e concimi complessi nascondi noi stessi dagli occhi indigesti ti privi dai gesti richiesti calpesti e detesti sti testi modesti versi incastrati tra i teschi

Is this beat sold ?

Please help the link is not there no more and the beat is not on your website

Let’s do some work ?

How can I get in contact wit u bro? I emailed u. The email has my name it in. Dezturner**@gmail

Did anyone make a song to this ? Send me the link I wanna hear what y’all came up with

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