FREE "Awaken" Isaiah Rashad ft. Logic Type Beat [Prod. Lucid Soundz]

FREE "Awaken" Isaiah Rashad ft. Logic Type Beat [Prod. Lucid Soundz]

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? new Isaiah Rashad ft. j cole x logic type beat / instrumental 2018 – “awaken” (Prod. Lucid Soundz)
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Blog Comments

Truly, life done brought out the best In me,
Write my wrongs into destiny,
Since a toddler mane these boys couldn't mess me,
Hit my granny from the grave got recipe,
It's 3 parts faith,
Better get yo prey,
3 parts patience gotta endure,
Can't be mixed gotta be pure
Put it in the oven gotta be tried,
Get real hot like it's deep fried,
But just let it burn it'll be fine,
You had sour grapes now it's sweet wine.

I have..i been listening this insttrumental for a while and with time its inspired me..Oh lie i mean its had insoired me since day One 🙂 I am sending this message to you All Earth Mate that do appreciate the existence of good music and new artist in dope inspiration level #LesTwins #Larry or #Omarion #Chrisbrownofficial and many more out there….I love you all @Iam27

love this ! who else is a fan of this beat? hahaha. i make music too 🙂

Amazing work. Thanks for putting out free content. I am certain prosperity will return to you!!

just wrote some fire

this is a Bad Bunny type beat

Am I livin with the man lemme get the nitty gritty
Got me tellin the committee

쿵광거리는 비트가 내 맘을 녹여가고
촛농처럼 타들어가는 나의 열정또한 또다시 굳어버리면 하나의 추억으로
불을 붙였던건 그저 불장난이였는데 말야 어느새 이렇게 커져버렸네
모든건 우연으로 이루어질뿐 내 꿈또한 작은 시작에서 생겨났네.
한순간에 꺼지지는 않아 절대. 허튼짓을 하지말아 fuck that

Awokefrom poverty
Awaken from pain

Awaken from life as we stand in peace build the trust.
Let's honor our mother
Our father.
koz without them we are nothing,

best lifetime memories, never forget the good time we had
always remember the goodvibes
People like to hide beneath all the hate one has been told the glory of life after death is truly not a myth,
could be true, i believe somewhere deep inside through history
May have the answer to solve the unsolved mysteries.
that the human race that has been missing ,searching.
Fcuk it I'm on
Fcuk it I'm gone,
Fcuk it I'm

jus make sure u live your life to no regrets ,live it how u live it. On too it the realist know where your going!

Dont stop til you get enough
Dont stop til you get enough
Dont stop til you get enough

Jae honcho… remember that name??

just dropped a song to this for nonprofit.. ill tag you in the link

this isnt working
this hasnt been working
its time to try something new/

we can go our seperate(x3)
we can go our sep-er-ate ways/

my heart is broken/
wish that I was wrong/
you held me down for two years like emissions laws/
admit im flawed/
you know the cause/
I trust in no man, thats because i trust in god//
i know its hard/
the better memories fade and the ones you dont want stay/
so much happens in a day anyway let the pain work its way through the brain/

this is….DOPE, yep yep yep

This beat is fire ♠

Bro can i use this? Ill shout you out on title

I wanna hear Kenny and Cole on this one…

When it makes your heart clench you know it it's good. Loving this. Hits home

This beat gives some type of energy man. Its crazy

Sympathicly awaken yup!!!

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