FREE "Back To Back" J. Cole ft. Logic Type Beat

FREE "Back To Back" J. Cole ft. Logic Type Beat

FREE "Back To Back" J. Cole ft. Logic Type Beat

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? new J. Cole ft. logic type beat / instrumental 2019 – “back to back” 130 bpm

Art by Isabel Emrich
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Blog Comments

Head half submerged in sin in safety asked myself who could save me dam sure can’t be adina he career never really reached it ceiling sex crazed an stuck on the dick the industry shady she love to trick wake up smell rose before they turn to shit if you drowning you don’t how to swim

Fly with me babe I’m high
Fly with baby my mind in the sky yeah
Ride with me baby you shy show me true colors no need for disguise here
Don’t wanna bother none
Don’t bother you none
Scared that you losing the feel
Feel that your body is numb

Caught in illusions
All this amusement a part of a dream yeah
Pardon my rudeness I just be calling it how it was seen here
Baller attraction get a check the you fall madnesses
It’s a wreck when they follow backwards
So direct that get what ask for
Only to degree to ya masters
Got me losing a fee to a pastor
I be paying for god I ain’t praying for god
I be paying for pussy and answers
Will is free so I took what he hand us
Said a plea now I’m hooked to the cancer
Since my skin been as black as panther
I been seated to back of the bus
I receded to riding to shofar
Then proceeded to ride on judge
We out every outlet we had except the weed that we buy from the plug

bass goes crazy


I'm gonna drop a song to this next month

oh yeah, ima kill this shit. good work ma dude


Honestly this beat is too different


Dope shit.

? ?

So dope!

This is majestic. If Logic and Cole ever do another song together, this would be the perfect beat to do it on.

i'm here fire !!!!

Yo this shit's dumb fire????



Really great piece of music. Makes the writer in me excited!

Got me feeling some type of way


keep it up amazing ?

I am not justo


Let me tear this beat up.

i am aldo

i am aldo

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