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There are 2 ways to get free beats from Jay Stacks. Firstly let me give you a quick break down of what you are entitled to with free rap beats. Basically free beats of any beat produced by ‘JAY STACKS’ do not consist of any creative or legal rights to the beat. Those variations are just for non money making usage, implying just for demonstration tracks. You are enabled to submit tracks (tape-recorded over complimentary downloaded beats) on web pages. Examples are Myspace, Soundclick, Facebook, Soundcloud or Youtube, and so on. When being submitted or provided (for non-profit usage only!), credit constantly needs to be given up a written type to ‘JAY STACKS’ (e.g. in the tune description).

You are NOT permitted to put the track on a mixtape or album, even if it is for marketing usage only. For this function you have to purchase a minimum of a lease. The significance of free downloads is to do a tune on your own, to do  very first pre recordings and to see if the tune exercises well & deserves the financial investment in among the    license types. It is not enabled to make any type of revenue with free downloads. No video-, no TELEVISION-, no radio- airplay permitted! Additionally it is not permitted to make any modifications to the beat or eliminate any of the utilized tags. Copying or ripping any audio product (e.g. beat, tag, sounds, instruments, drums, and so on) is   restricted and will not be endured at any time. So thats out of the way let me show you how to get some free beats.

We actually provide a lot of free rap beats for upcoming rappers and musicians with various artist styles. Like you  have to download free instrumentals such as Drake Type Beats, Young thug type beats, Future Type Beats, Chief  Keef Type Beats, 21 Savage Type Beats and the list go on and on. We don’t just other free rap beats or free instrumentals, you have access to free hip hop beats, free R&B beats, trap beats and the styles go on. But please remember that these free rap beats or free instrumentals are only for demo uses. Meaning you are certainly not    allow to make any money of these free beats you are downloading. If you want to make money from these beats you have to purchase a beat lease. Types Of Leases

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Download free beats below


Please note these beats are for STRICTLY for non-profit use only with you would like to make profit of them please purchase a beat lease.

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  1. Childs Play – Free Drake Type Beat ~ Free Bouncy Hip Hop Instrumental
  2. Show Me Sum with Hook – Free Fetty Wap Type Beat With Hook – Free Club Banger Type Beat
  3. Gucci – Free Gucci Mane Type Beat – Free Trap Beat
  4. Living Like Kings – Free Maybach Type Beat x Rick Ross Type Beat x Meek Mill Type Beat – Free Hip Hop Beat
  5. Pyrex Snowman – Migos Type Beat – Free Rap Beat
  6. Diana – Kendrick Lamar Type Beat – Old School Sampled Beat With Trap Beat Influences
  7. Birthday Sex – Free August Alsina Type Beat x Free Chris Brown Type Beat – Free R&B Instrumental – Free Hip Hop Beat
  8. Blow A Bag – Free Future Type Beat x Young Thug Type Beat – Free Trap Instrumental
  9. Respeck – Free Young Thug Type Beat – Free Rap Beat
  10. Clique – Free Acehood Type Beat – Free Trap Beat
  11. Clouds – Free Old School Instrumental – Sampled Type Beat
  12. Cocaine – Free Migos Type Beat x Lil Wayne Type Beat x O.G Genesis Type Beat – Free Trap Beat
  13. Covered In Money – Free Trap Beat
  14. Cuban Link – Free Lil Durk Type Beat – Free Trap Instrumental
  15. Diamonds – Nicki Minaj Type Beat x Rihanna Type Beat – Free R&B Beat, Classic Soul, Soulful Instrumental, Club Beat, Instrumental
  16. Duffel Bags – Free Trap Beat
  17. Everyday I Feel Pain – Free Old School Sampled Beat
  18. Ghost Lord – Free New Wave Type Beat
  19. Gold Casio – Free Acehood Type Beat x Free Meek Mill Type Beat – Free Trap Instrumental
  20. Gotham – Free Dark Trap Instrumental
  21. Guapology – Free Crazy Trap Beat With Crazy 808 Bends – THIS BEAT IS NOT FOR AMATEURS
  22. Hit Boy – Free Rap Beat x Free Trap Beat
  23. King Of Diamonds – Free Travis Porter Type Beat x Tyga Type Beat x 2 Chainz Type Beat – Free Club Banger Instrumental
  24. Maestro – Free Jay-Z Type Beat – Free Trap Beat
  25. Miss Perfect – Free Drake Type Beat x Free Nicki Minaj Type Beat – R&B Instrumental, Classic Soul, Loved, Happy, Club, Beat, Instrumental
  26. Moment For Life – Free Drake Type Beat x Free Nicki Minaj Type Beat – R&B Instrumental, Classic Soul,
  27. Never Lackin – Free Crazy Trap Beat
  28. No I.D – Weird Dub Hip Hop Beat
  29. Nocturnal – Free Meek Mill Type Beat
  30. Overdose – Free Trap Beat
  31. Show Me Your Love – Free Drake x Justin Bieber Type Beat – Free Hip Hop Beat & Free R&B Instrumentals
  32. Rich Blood – Free Young Thug Type Beat
  33. Skrr – Free Future Type Beat x Free K Camp Type Beat – Free Trap Beat
  34. Slime Season – Free Young Thug Type Beat – Free Rap Beat For Download
  35. Souske Aizen – Free Dark Trap Instrumental
  36. Started From The Trap House – Free Trap/Hip Hop Beat
  37. Stone Island – Free Trap Beat
  38. Super Soak – Free Weird Hip Hop Instrumental
  39. Paper Pablos – Free Trap Instrumental For Download
  40. The Truth – Free Rap Instrumental
  41. Trap Queen Part 1 – Free Hip Hop Club Beat
  42. Trap Queen Part 2 – Free Trap Beat
  43. Trophies – Free Drake Type Beat – Free Trap Instrumentals
  44. Tropical Blunt – Free Weird Trap Beat x Wiz Khalifa Type Beat
  45. Young Money – Free Lil Wayne Type Beat
  46. The Lord Is My Witness – Free Crazy Hyped Trap Instrumental
  47. Whippin Yola – Free Gangsta Rap Instrumental
  48. Dat Ass – Free Club Banger Beat
  49. Bentley Rollin – Free Trap Instrumental
  50. 6 God – Free Drake Type Beat
  51. Baking Soda – Free Hard Hitting Trap Beat
  52. Balenciaga – Free Rap Instrumental
  53. Bank Accounts – Free Rap Beat
  54. Candy Crush – Free Sweet Trap Beat
  55. Dirty Sprite – Free Young Thug Type Beat x Free Future Type Beat – Free Trap Instrumental


I would love to hear what you do with the free beats. So if you ever manage to record a track to these free rap beats

or free R&B instrumentals, just sent me an email or just send me a tweet via @JayStacksp. If you need any music advice on the music industry or how to get your music heard on on you blogs you should check out my blog for music producers, beat makers, rappers and musicians, in fact I’m sure there is an article that will help you progress in your music career somehow.