[FREE] Bhad Bhabie x Nicki Minaj x Cardi B Type Beat 2017 ”Swerve” Prod. By Jay Stacks Beats

[FREE] Bhad Bhabie x Nicki Minaj x Cardi B Type Beat 2017 ”Swerve” Prod. By Jay Stacks Beats

Bhad Bhadie x Nicki Minaj x Cardi B Type Beat 2017 ”Swerve” Prod. By Jay Stacks Beats
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Tyga x Nicki Minaj x Cardi B Type Beat 2017 ''Swerve'' Prod. By Jay Stacks Beats
? Purchase : https://air.bi/i6HcN
? Beat Website : http://JayStacksBeats.com
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I forgot that I created some fire to this.

Hey J, I bought the beat + emailed you I didn’t get a reply back. The beat is Popping ?????????



I'mma use this since it's free

Where is the Hook



Hey have you hear our last Cardi B I Like It remix ?

Hey… do u have a free download for this beat? I would like to use it for my mixtape that I'm dropping online for free… I'll give you credit though

So no one notices that he made a beat for Nicki M. , Bhad Bhabie, and Cardi and they were all nominated for the billboard's award? hmmmmm…

free ??? but tagged up sooooo how do I use for non profit


literally sat down and was able to write a whole song on this… i love this

I like this beat


Very dope my friend, very dope indeed sips tea with pinky in the air

Do you guys want more beats like this? Btw comment on my new Cardi B type beat?

sounds like bashment

this shit hard as hell.

Bhad Bhabie! Are you 18 yet???


Using this

I love this!!?

Bhad bhabie aint be sounding like this chex me out https://m.soundcloud.com/haggard-assasin-walkin-killah/pr0ject21-hadowhawkrnt

Can I use this for non profit? Do you have a version without the ''purchase your tracks today'' in the background?

??? shit

Can I please use this beat for my freestyle?


shakira vibe

Stay grinding homie – you're a personal inspiration to me, Please sub me back so we can support each other and keep in touch, I’d appreciate it! ????

Stay grinding homie! You're super dope producer homie, come check me out sometime!

hello, I just discovered your channel and it interests me as my name is manystack and I am a rapper and I work in France
[email protected]gmail.com
thank you

The fuck Broccoli has to do with this fucking shit?

that fuckkin intro on ya videos is epic with the water effect ??


New Subscriber ????

How the fuck do u have the nerve to call your beat "swerve" when theofficialyungkris already has a popular cardi b type beat called swerve ?? Lel. This beat is trash af ?

deserves more likes likes +1

i move my hips to the left to the right 
no bullshit for it go left then we fight 
I’m that bitch remind ya for the rest of ya life 
i can take a hit and your man and be his wife
but I’m not tryna be a home wrecker 
I’m a go getter 
don’t try me for i tell my girls “ go get her”
don’t try me sis cuz lil bitch you know better
with my assets in a tight dress cuz it show better 
confidence with my iced wrist like its snow weather 
make a list to hit a bitch use fist get y’all thrown together 
in my truck I’m capturing y’all like a photo aint i clever 
even in the metro ill catch you bitch no pressure
i was born and raised in the 301
had people claim they know about me but aint know none 
aint ever been a bitch lets fight one on one 
if your friends want it too i can go off on one
listen I don’t mean to be edgy as fuck 
but you like nicki and I’m remy as fuck 
slaughter you like in shether cuz im ready as fuck 
smarter than you like a teacher when I’m testy as fuck 
i know I’m badder than you cuz I be ready to sexy it up
so don’t you try to compete cuz you want have any luck

Can i use this beat please?

deserves more likes and thanks for sharing

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