FREE "Blood Of Mine" J. Cole ft. Logic Type Beat

FREE "Blood Of Mine" J. Cole ft. Logic Type Beat

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? new j. cole ft. logic type beat / instrumental 2019 – “blood of mine” 76 bpm
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Blog Comments

Did a verse on this instrumental appreciate any feedback 😀

Yeah- I dont got no studio- and barely plays, So what if people gonna talk- Anyplace theres hate, Gotta keep your chin up youngins and acheive your fate-

Some people gon want chu in the ground- Dont be guessin dates

Here’s a song I made with this beat: Lmk what you think!

Awesome! ?????

æ mener uten mæ så vill alt bli bedre
så slipper æ å klage a dra ned dere
æ var så høyt oppe før, nå er æ så langt nere
så langt nere at ikke vill leve mere x2

æ er lei av vonde tanker
å skjenne hjerte banker
æ lever ett liv med vansker
på denne veien æ vandrer
æ skukke begynt med dop
å alt som kom ihop
æ skulle takka nei men æ takka ja for æ var en idiot
så her…

Sounds dope

I work hard
I work for those I call blood
Not all the reds but all the colors above
Praying to god to protect the ones I love
Because this world is becoming something I’d thought it never was
But my prayers may not be enough
So I keep going strong showing where I am
And how I gotta stay in the lane I create and not fade away to the dark again because I know brighter days are on there way to show me how good this life can be when we build instead of destroy let’s inhale the love and exhale the hate with my baby Mary Jane not Watson it’s elementary to me like I’m peter Parker 420 till the death of me alcohol be the the venom in our society along with the stoggies coke and Methifedimines shoot up one time and from heron out your an addic see it’s all addictive properties and I’m glad to be drug free only got herbs in me sent from god for us to understand one another and see how we can become close as family so burn one with me
So burn one with me
So burn one with me
I work hard
I work hard
For the ones I call family I don’t have friends only acquaintances let’s not pretend see I can be pretentious but doesn’t mean I don’t know what’s next or what’s best it means I’m ready for what comes next and how to overcome the obstacles in my head coming up next even if hypothetically I’m a beast or more like a goat you see I’m only 23 and got goals that will change the world for more than just me but for the rest that told me I’d never be a damn thing now I’m building myself up and there ain’t a damn thing you can say or do to stop me im on the stair way to heaven still climbing. Was kicked off a while back because god told me it’s not your time and go back you’ll be just fine and what you got left in Your life my son you gotta do it right quit fighting what good is in your mind put these demons at bay and you’ll be just fine
It’s easier said than done I gotta keep going energizer bunny
This life is not a game or a joke but it’s life I formed from a coal to a diamond it just took time it was rough and honestly I’ve been on my grind now I pray to lord for the hundredth time before I close my eyes
I work hard
Yeah I work hard

GoT reference, a man of culture haha keep grinding bro every track slaps

This guitar sounds smooth


This is top down music.. Nice work man..

Yo your amazing! your produce amazing tunes! Subscribe back!

Maybe there is anybody here who would like to check out my beats ? I just made a new one and I think it sounds pretty good..bit of a dreamy vibe 🙂

Smooth sound right there bruh

Lucid lucid lucid lucid ?

Blood of mine as i turn water to wine time nothing as we all come to be heaven sent cuz hell aint want me the only way to live is like a G its a struggle yet you gotta hold on as i roll on my enemies watch them flee as my momma smiles in glee one hella of a boy indeed steadfast in everything i do watch me swoop down and catch my prey with out a doubt country boy living give thanks to god for the day we have been given

I write these songs in blood
Without pain there's no real understanding
Don't flood my land with waves of promises
Just breeze with the wind greet the sand
Stay humble in these hard times
Where the weak find strengths in lies
Belief in the same line…

You’re gay now,
Like the comment to reverse it

Minha lucidez é não te ter
Minha brisa é estar contigo
O meu desejo é foder você
O meu sonho é foder contigo (x2)

Eu te juro não me apegar
Sei que é uma meia relação
Mas, eu nāo consigo entender
Se pode existir um meio coração

Você partiu ao meio o sentimento
Fez uma breve divisão
A paixão ficou 50%
E os outros 50% viraram ilusão

Mesmo assim, corro atrás de você
A vontade de preencher o meu vazio é muito grande
E eu não posso te perder
Mesmo contigo me fazendo pequeno
E Deus, gigante

Eu me sinto tão acompanhado
Estando do seu lado
Ao lado da sua imagem
Você é uma simples miragem
Um quadro em branco
Pros burros admirarem

Refrão (x2)


Dope beat fam

Lemme know what you think about this

damn this got me feelin good

it got the juices flowin… in the BLOOD OF MINE

Free beats , check wall , eshkereeee!!!!!!!

Nice vibe Lucid

" They know,

We know,

She knows,

She knows … she knows

Heroes all in illusions, prefers a villain, dealing with their self created core beliefs,

put em out of grief,

Out of grief,

Out of grief,

Sun shining on by, as I take this trip through life, with a fine shawty at my side, (At my side)

Holding her hand, she's huff and puffing if, I ain't holding tight,

Little wolf …

kiss her eye,

so she has one open,

to make sure, I don't leave,

Know it's all real, all natural,

No fake extensions or weave,

It's funny,

Call her, my little murderous bunny,

Though some times she's bugging, she just wants to make sure, I make them carrots,

Do so the right way,

Lesson learning off of anime, agendas,

Plant, grow them and then harvest, do it all again,

Not too many niggas that could possibly comprehend,

Not doing so as a trend,

More like me watching them, watch my hands, slap them farther than …

What it costs to make a band in this land, landing is off if you're a young nigga from the Bronx,

off the jump they've got you, in some cuffs, won't be easy to win that relay,

You can't rely on no one, so can relate to this message?

Not too many niggas can admit that, pride death till they ride into a fiery inferno, turned ho, soak in the blood of a Satan turtle,

Pop, popping jacks for a mayback,

Let's take it way back, to them 80s days, without drugs, extortion or the rise in abortion,

They've been tricking much, too much,


Decepticonic beats, spinning, rap battle, rise up to a new feat,

But you've gotta first take a leap, of faith in this supposed game,

that's just what they say, so you can be another sacrificial slain,

Off the start, the whole systems against you, like they're convinced to hit you with a lag switch, glitched,

Death in any lotto,

seen through my niggas bottle,

you see it in their lives, so you gotta say go and get yours, truly, truly, truly,

Separate from the sheep, (butchered)

Who wants to be in a tragic movie? This needs (Disney) to end,

You've seen too many times … it won't end like menace to society or another boys in the hood, they write books, like it's a joke, but niggas still living it, it ain't no fable, cuz it's off cable, they mocking, they're the ones creating this hell,

Cau, cock my pistol back, and let's see how Asian they are, spilling brains, ain't that smart,

they can only test us so far, till we realize, we don't need them,

Niggas really gotta see beyond this mess of chess on whose the best, it's bigger than this, like my dick, so contradictive,

It's true, ignorance is bliss,

Vindictive fish in, a pond of no progress or response, until it makes it out to an ocean,

All survival, till you're out of fight mode,

Creatively, off some beats, go and make something that'll last longer than your history, such a mystery, unlike your last girl, or the one before that, keep on fucking distractions,


Mentor Tak,

Growing don, with the Glitz,

Fuck with me, only witz,


Nice bro

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