FREE Bryson Tiller x Drake x ScHoolboy Q Type Beat 2018 – "Escape" | Free Rap Beat | Mubz Got Beats

FREE Bryson Tiller x Drake x ScHoolboy Q Type Beat 2018 – "Escape" | Free Rap Beat | Mubz Got Beats

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FREE Bryson Tiller x Drake x ScHoolboy Q Type Beat 2018 – “Escape” | Free Rap Beat | Mubz Got Beats

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Blog Comments


I can make Melody
None of these is checking ain’t pressing
Me imma keep running up till god send fa me


This from nines new album.

I had to rap to this beat! Check out my track! Listen to Escape by SHC #np on #SoundCloud

THis is the best, so far.

Here's the hook:
If it wasn't for the Stars;
It must of been the light…
I'm in Cali;
And I'm shining bright…
If it wasn't for the stars;
It must of been the light…
I'm in Hollywood;
In the spotlight…

I'm about to make an underground song to this shit right here.

Can I drop something to this beat???

currently I'm I'm channeling my inner tupac sound blat scream your affiliation only timid teen minded toddlers set tripping spare no man these hollow tips going to get the spitting heaven is destiny but it's still he'll on earth if I was Adam eve wouldn't had listened to the serpent making love would been urgent who really knows what games she be working in the bed though all the chaos was all worth it????

merci de faire partagé ta passion ainsi que ton talent =)

fya flames bruh

Hello, click on me, Hi.

can i use this beat?

I'm french and I like your rap beat, can I sing on them ?

I Escaped The fate of my fathers dick
oh fuck wait he just slapped me wit his cock yes im 3 year old pussy who has no cock dab dab

minecraft lover yeet

every beat is Drake type

Respect ?

is the beat free?

Change it up a little bit some of your beats kinda sound the same…. no disrespect intended

I knew the piano sounded REALLY familiar lol does @StunnahSezBeatz know.or yall cool…cuz its clearly the same riff as in my song #NOPE

Dope ?

Hardest beat ever

nice beat

Do anyone know who to upload tracks on sound cloud

the dopeist beat ever I like that one.

if yall could check out what i did to this beat!

Kasino K – Kevin Gates (Prod By. Mubz Beats)

I Been hustling trynna stay above water the more I try the more it gets harder but I'll never quit roll a spliff ease my mind gotta go and get can't waste time do i grind no strap no heat I'm not in the streets anymore time to grow up and recognize who I am if u don't like me I don't give a damn imma man with a plan to take care of my kid ain't playing games I don't fuck bitches i count digits that's my ambition as a hustler

so sick maad up wid it

damn i just killed this bitch bro imma give u credit n all your beats are fire man keep it uup

nice beat my broh

Belle instrumentale✔✔✔??

Beat is straight fire!

Hey , i'm a French Beatmaker , check my beats on my Youtube Channel Put you well
, gang / Hey, je suis un Beatmaker français, vérifiez mes battements sur ma chaîne Youtube Mettez-vous bien

?deff sub

this beat is crazy homiie #SKILLLZ

listen to my song to this instrumental

how do you come up with your melodies? i struggle trying not to make my melodies so basic


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