[FREE] Chief Keef Type Beat 2017 – Fake Niggas (Prod. By Jay Stacks)💸🔥

Free Chief Keef Type Beat 2016 – Fake Niggas Produced By Music Producer and Beat Maker Jay Stacks
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Chief Keef Type Beat 2017 Free – Fake Niggas Produced By Music Producer and Beat Maker Jay Stacks

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Chief Keef Type Beat 2016 Free – Fake Niggas Produced By Music Producer and Beat Maker Jay Stacks
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Blog Comments

Buddy, please name intro beat)) Hella hard sound!

what 808 is that?

This too hard for two ears bro !!

can I use this

Shit go hard asffffffff jay 😩😩😩


bro can i use this beat

sick sick sick XD

Denzel Curry would kill dis shit 🔥🔥🔥💯

Nowadays most ya friends be fake
They like leaves on the trees always stay throwin shade
Bitches actin sweet, cuz they see me makin cake
Yeah I'm baked I be takin ozs to the face
Sippin OE on my way to the bank,
You can't see me, John C with all this money in my face
Run up on me, prolly need a new face
You gon be sorry if u ever see me rage
Ak might spray if you get into my way
Ain't Nobody safe, I could take luke cage
Puttin in the work I deserve me a raise
If the money come on time it's a day too late
Leave ya Lost in my thoughts yeah my mind is a maze
Kill em all holocaust sorry if I hurt ya brain
First I lost then I gained, Fuck ya all y'all the same
Bunch of Rats n snakes that can't keep up wit my pace

gj Jay Stacks <3 subbed!Hard stuff!!

Whats the hook time frames?

This beat hard 💯💯😈

Damn, this bangs!! Jay, props, brotha!

at a loss 😉 thumbs up

Talented, very talanted even 🙂 epic!

was due a good vid to watch 🙂 good job

like ;,3

mais um inscrito.

808 heavy on this!

Probably fully watch this later thanks

oh my gooood this is awesome


good job keep up 😉

Cool ! top quality

I wish there was a love button ! thanks for sharing

I can't believe you dont have more subscribers . nice job

sweet 😛 9/10

was due a good vid to watch B) thumbs up

Dem bass slides :O

next please . adding to favs

like like like 😀

random for me but watched !! epic!

not sure why i watched this but.. ! good video

now thats how a video is done & good

like that lead

Hard as fuck!

Hope to see more good videos like that B) top vid

😉 #nice job

Wow hehehehhehehe  good


sweet … good vid

Holy shit man, you should do a behind the beat for this.

love the quality . likes +1

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