(FREE) DaBaby x Gunna x Wheezy Type Beat 'Stand' (Prod. Pluto)

(FREE) DaBaby x Gunna x Wheezy Type Beat 'Stand' (Prod. Pluto)

(FREE) DaBaby x Gunna x Wheezy Type Beat 'Stand' (Prod. Pluto)

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Blog Comments

Spazzin out pluto !

I'm prolly gonna die by these streets so I gotta get it by any means fucc u pussy boys I ain't got time for no petty ass lil things gotta make shit happen shit I gotta million dollar dream Gon be the realest nigga till whatever i sleep my diginity all I got so that what I'ma keep nigga I'm prolly gonna die by these streets gotta get it by any means fucc u pussy boys I ain't got time for no petty ass lil things gotta make shit happen I gotta million dollar dream Gon be the realest nigga till whenever I sleep my diginity all I got so what I got so that what ima keep nigga I'm prolly gonna die by these streets gotta get it by any means too much pain in my body still poppin shit still smokin weed remember them days I used to be a feen real p nigga I ain't suppose to be fuccin but u already know I can make these bitches cream ain't never been sweet ain't got time for bitches or niggas to switch over cause of greed remember when I was being niggas dad when I was tryna feed now I'm on some solo shit tryna get a mansion like next week get it off a bitches p having bitches shake some ass or have them walk and get it off the feet I see all this fake shit nigga you know I peep fucc round me u gonna prolly find yo momma or sister found by a creek if u wanna switch bitch go ahead leave still mafia forever Gon be my team ain't never been no hoe that shit ain't in my genes forever on my some fly shit forver Gon be looking clean uh I'm prolly gonna die by these streets

grafuation speech

i dont wanna hang today,
i dont wanna play today,
i wanna stay inside today,
i dont wanna, i dont wanna
i dont wanna hang today
i dont wanna play today
i wanna stay inside today
i dont wanna, i dont wanna
i wanna be safe today, yeah
no breaks today, yeah
cant break today,
i dont wanna, i dont wanna

Original sample ?

Is this for free bro
Cause im into this heat like de niro

Take it easy ..
Riding around like im wheezy ..
And if you might get shot just be sure i be right back on top .. yella beezy

This Shit HARD AF!!! ??????

DaBaby cool. But I'M the best rapper coming out of the Carolinas. Period.

Monola bloniks I want all it
You on the sidelines while
I’m out here balling
I’m up you stallin
Who is that calling
Don’t know that number think I’m gonna block it
Neman Marcus
I get the profit
Just got a whip and I don’t have to park it
I crash the market
I burn the lobby
Hotel building for parties I bought

You took a train? I take a plain. We buy the same things, but shit brand name, I’m sorry lil bitch but we are not the same.

Yo shit imported?
But yo shit on storage
What’s that you snorted?
Yo shit stepped on like your credit score from a bad mortgage
I am not Maury
Don’t care for you story
The lie detector says your flow is done poorly

Busting off a cap like Rambo
They was talking heavy on the gram why them niggas ran tho?
Adding full clips like expando niggas never pitch in but they always got they hand out
Bussing our running when it’s man down
Everytime business in the nine then they stand down
These niggas my fans now
They approach me in the city like I am the man now
Ay that’s yo decision
I keep me a stone like I ripped outta vision
Dirty lil nigga I think I’m a scout I pack thirty lil nigga
I plan to deliver on all of my shots like I aimed for the liver
That girl she in love but I just resist her
See you sent yo shot and I guess that you missed her
You niggas is donzo
You niggas don’t shoot what the fuck you got guns for
Goofy lil nigga simp of the month tho
That bitch a cheater you swear yo in love tho
I run the 9 you running to twelve
You hold no weight let’s check the scale
Oh you a gangster? I couldn’t tell
You bitches be plastic hasbro Matel
It is no challenge I keep me a push like I’m running wit malice
Hitting round 80 and bussing thru traffic
We lost a couple niggas it be so tragic
Then I hit the lakes like I’m balling with magic

S/o 909 this is lap two

Any opposition getting capped too
Early morning nigga and I trap too

aye running in the middle like a gap tooth

Is a sample used? Either way this beat is hard! Good work Pluto!

I got sum shit to this. You gone fuck with it. Ima lease 5 beats off you for 60 this week. Lets work.

That's cold-blooded. I promise to bump this when I ride all summer long.


All Praise To The Most High
I believe in Him, He's Jesus Christ
Give me the money, and i flip it twice
7 three times when i roll the dice
My wrist flooded with the ice
no friendly shit, nah baby i aint nice
this ass is fat off a collard greens and rice
bitches barkin loud on ig, but they really nice
she said she was his first but i already piped

BRO i realllllyyy fuck with this beat!


Can’t trust these bitches females are heartless

I’m winning and now I’m everyone’s target

I for real came from the carpet

Took over the web like I was Charlet

Masking my feelings these bitches can’t see it

They’ll tell u all lies I swear they conceded

I’ve had it hard since I was a fetus

Niggas sweet they swear that they demons

But when we pull up they’ll get defeated

Bitch it’s dababy
Pull out my glock an I fuck on yo lady
Pussy get poped cause tht boy tried to play me

this is nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice Brother

Who can ya'll here on this one? Comment and let me know!

the wave

How can i buy this beat put it on hold frfr!!!

I'm a music engineer. If you're starting to rap, I'm mixing songs for the low, $15 a song. I am available 24/7 and will make your work my top priority. Message me here if you want to work together.

gunna would spazz ong

nice beat bro

Them Wheezy type 808s ????????????

Is this a JoJo reference ?

Yeah feelin this beat man!

Cash on yo bitch
Floss on my wrist
You know the kid
Stay with the shits
Movin them bricks
Jus got the new plug
We Jus hit a lick
Diamonds on diamonds
I’m glossin I’m shinin
Tote them AR’s
They in the closet
Do not test me
Or I am gone pop it
Take off on hoes
Jus like a rocket
50k racks
You know I got it
Throwin the money
They tellin me stop it
All of this cheese
All of this cottage
Talk out his teeth
lil nigga flodgin
Gun up on me
It’s in my pocket
She know I got it
I know she want it
But she cannot touch it
Bitch u jus lucky
That I am still fuckin
Why u stop suckin
Why he keep duckin
Lil bitch I’m ballin
I’m gettin buckets
You can’t stop me
Ain’t stopping for nothin
They say I’m something
She like how I’m comin
Bullets is dumpin
Lil niggas runnin
Diamonds is jumpin
Drownin I sunk in

who made you voicetag?

This the type of beat a rapper gonna casually steal and blow up from it, sheesh?

collab with cedes, he has one of the hardest baby beats no cap

Cold bro❄️


good stuff

no cap at all yu bodied this fr. me and my bro bouta cook up sum fire on did

Pluto ain't cappin, this slaps

this shit goes hard? i’m shook

Dababy rocks that hair style

I don’t hear Da Baby on it but Offest or Gunna , yes !

Nice bro! Checkout my version 🙂 ??

i’m like a teacher
i got this paper
nooo name
imma money fetcher,
i could rock sketchers
i’m the main
hit a home run, while you sitting bench
catch you in the night, imma leave you in a stretcher or trench
god forbid my lies cuz heaven im decent
Blessed disciples
that’s my name
i repent
take it to the grave
jesus died my sins and
god forgave
i keeping doooing it
ain’t that strange?
modern age
modern age
ain’t strange
i be faded everyday
i dropped acid once no way
ocean breeze
on my face

This is a very original beat I love it

Dis shit hard af and slaps???

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