FREE "Dead Inside" Kendrick Lamar ft. ASAP Rocky x Logic Type Beat [Prod. Lucid Soundz]

FREE "Dead Inside" Kendrick Lamar ft. ASAP Rocky x Logic Type Beat [Prod. Lucid Soundz]

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? new kendrick lamar ft. asap rocky x logic type beat / instrumental 2018 – “dead inside” (Prod. Lucid Soundz)
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Blog Comments

can i use this type beat?

i got bars i got tracks
i got cars i got racks
i got hella bad bitches askin where tf u at
i got pounds of the gas
i got hash in my stash
i take rounds on that ass
make her spaz for that cash
make em mad cuz she bad
im her dad and she glad
bring back bring it back
what i got is what you lack
catch me plottin in my lab
blowin up like arab
take stab take a stab
go back reopen the scab
dont you peep whats on my pad
cuz its rad but its bad
not like that not like that
this shit slaps but its sad
when i rap then its wraps
blow u off like some ash
cuz u puff it then u pass
lifes a trip, when i relapse
two more hits, im on my ass
too damn lit, off this gas
man fuck this, i skip class
you just mad cuz you trash

note: I don't actually have any of the shit i say i "got" in this lol. just spewing shit for fun. also yea ik it ends abruptly i kinda got over it.

someone know how is callled the roll drum before the melody?? 0:14

? KiNdA!!!

You aint see this comin
no nope.
pika pika boo.

Это охуенно сука блять!!!!

This meledy loop is in "Attention" by Byron Juane and nobigdyl.


i see drizzy on this so hard

Im over paid as im overlayed over slayed never as i over slave cant tame the beast in the cave rave unscaved played playing as i map my way make way stay in place race pace and taste the finer things in life …

Everything about this is so fire

Whole gang wearing cuban diamond chainz

This man got real trap shit

Check out my beat

Dead inside, roll a blunt on day that I die,
People fake and oily wondering who truly gonna ride,
No loyalty, who will truly stay by your side,
If they fuck you over, never let em slide,
Makes em think they got one over, hit the corner show em how you slide,
Or destroy em till there’s nothing left,
Know if you fuckin with me then you fuckin with the best,
Give a fuck about the rest, put me to the test,
Have a smoke cesh, spit that flame devil in the flesh,
That beat I like to caress,
Catch up, already met up,
Zooming right by ya, Never a liar,
Cause I know I spit that fire,
And I’ll get what I desire,
Do your homework and find out who you dealin with,
Cause I’m the mechanic and you can get fixed,
Black back and zipped,
We can sell that dope and get it flipped,
Invite me to your party and if you really bout it we can get it lit,
Ain’t the type to dance drink and smoke Or rap while I stand or sit,
Hit this out of the ball park should be a hit,
One day I’ll have my victory lap,
And then maybe these people will go back to real rap,
Cause the state hip hop in we know ain’t real rap,
The new generation skills is somethin they lack,
But to each his own just here to kill tracks,
And cutting no slack, everything’s nice like some ironed kacks,
Can’t go wrong, when I’m in my zone and write songs,
Add a little a bit of drank and a little bit of smoke, These are the words unspoke,
This is my mind woke
Life is crazy, been wanting to see heaven lately,
Feel like I lost my feelings and don’t shit phase me,
Angels fight with demons daily,
Why should I love life when all it did was take from me,
I got one responsibility,
Above all in this world, and that’s to raise my baby girl,
Who you think I do it for,
I love my daughter and that’s who I do it for,
And I’m willing to go to war for,
When I’m feelin low she the one that make me soar,
I can be innocent and then so rotten to the core,
Drop these tracks make em wantin more,
Could care less if you like my music,
Cause I know someone gonna feel it

if you wanna find some underground beats check me out. posting everyday

Don’t know if anyone will agree but this beat sounds dumb hard on 1.25x speed ???

Dulu mula dengan rentak biasa
Pernah cuba acah perkasa
Kena tunjuk lagak main main kasar
Sekarang belajar erti sabar

(tell me) what you are your little fears
(tell me)what you really feel
is it a full of love or hate
some pain and other shit
tell me what you heart shaped of
tell me is it full of greed
full of lust
(tell me ) is the last memory of us
tell where all that strength coming from
come and gimme gimme some
come hommie come
I shake off my problems
I shake off my problems like it ain't shit to me
like its easy to me
but it doesn't always end up like the way we use to be
J.I.D , J.cole , kendrick pac, biggie
forget about them I just wanna be me
so fuck the world
fuck everyone who get's offended
fuck it ain't nobody stopin me

This beat makes my food cold every time. I hear it & immediately forget what I'm doing.

Lol imanuse this for a frag movie

Du not worry im gonna giv credits 🙂

Did a Song to this Beat, check it Out!! Hope y'all like ??

Super fire!

everybody listen while im spitting this and killing this i spit 100 bars a minute when im on my fucking easy shit

yall say yall spit bars but dont you on some cheesy shit so i had to make a little rap and roast you you fucking bitch

you say you hard but you not hoe, you say u got a gang but you ride solo

bitch dont act hard while wearing polo, we know u gay come on bro

you nothing why u fucker trynna be something

on yo head ill be stummping

on ya bitch i be humping

she gave me some good head i might let her stay in the morning

now imma show u what hard is, i finna go on with some hard shit

its not weird u dont know what it is when u are fucking retarded

let me breath for a minute, i need got get ready for my killing

imma make u head fucking spinning, now lets go a 1000 words a minute

bitch u gonna regret this going towards me your gonna get your fucking face hit

lil precto

PMM malandrinho

Here, might not even be up to your standards, but I made it because the beat is so good.
Please give me your thoughts.

0:150:44 "Dead inside, I am Dead inside-dead inside, I am dead inside-dead inside, you cant read my mind, i am dead inside-dead inside-you cant read my vibe, dead inside, I am" x2 HOOK

When i started writin they all told that id never be nothin bih .now they they all up in dm like a bm like fizz u the man,i mean i do what i can,any man can get the hands i aint playin,hadda cut a couple homies from my circle fuck a band,i never leavin,fuck money cuz rather have pen,some paper,so i can write about my life of sin,i shoulda never even let you in , wooh!! If u dont even really fuckin know me whats it matter what yu think, about me,if u dont benefit my music better get the fuck ..from round me..i aint never had shit but u finna see me get some,i aint even fuckin playin cuz the kid done,and i aint never told a lie since a bagged lunch,in school with a cap gun ( bat bat)escalated to real ones,started gang bangin hada ut em down cuz i had my children,i coulda made a killen makin beats,i bet coulda killed em,n i bet u this song make em.feel some .typa way. Ybf heart be cold better hyberbate,n i never really cared fir these local rappers,in the lab like dexter,fake trappers nappin,but im never sleepin,fuck a feature i font neex em im a demon leavin .everyone that ever really doubted me can get fucked,go ahead and try keep up good luck,27 nlw .28 next month. I got killas and dillaz in 4 states bruh,all these new rappers wack and they cant i aint even gunna make em bruhhh.



How much for exclusive

This fire ?

Dead on the inside/yeaaye
All my diamonds pissed at/what aye
Kill self with no direction/
Thats a promise/ that I like
Doing moves inside my section/
Death soldiers take the light/

omfg Lucid on the fucking beat

Ain't no holla back girl,
You gotta hollow back girl,
Translation, no ass
Ho face it you ain't getting no cash
Wheres your pimp at
You deserve a bitch slap
Bitch ass
Trick ass
Lip gloss
Never did floss
Snitch ass
Lock you up
Like rick ross
Big boss shit
Feeling tough now?
How much
Bitch what you gotta say now
That's my baby
Let's go on Maury
I'll do the nae nae like crazy
Once I find out it ain't mine lady
Haha I feel like the joker
cus the jokes on you and this is over
I feel like I'm playing poker and I fucking royal flushed you down the toilet

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