FREE "Demons" Logic / J. Cole Type Beat (Prod. Lucid Soundz)

FREE "Demons" Logic / J. Cole Type Beat (Prod. Lucid Soundz)

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? New logic / j cole Type Beat Type Beat / Instrumental 2017 – “demons” (Prod. Lucid Soundz)
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Blog Comments

Song i made with this beat 😀 Need opinions on it to know if im shit or not XD

Hard asf ???

They don’t know just who we are cuz
Bitch we just some demons
Ya what,
we just them demons
Ya what
We some demons
See you when I see you
Running ? you can’t find me
Running you can’t see ? me though
I’m just out here with the 4
Oh ya ya do you know
Lord Commander of the snow ❄️
Light the flame we re-create the hope
We just flying down the slope
We them demons fuck yo pope
Even when I’m 99 I’m smoking ? dope

My fav from you so far man, I like this one, that bass hits nicely

Shove a dagger through my
Heart and then i tear it out
I do it for the art the only
Thing i care about. I gotta rip it open
Get it going. Electrocute it yes I'll do it give me a reason, new life in me breathin reachin levels
I never thought i would doing

Shove a dagger through
My heart then i tear it out

66 666 LOOOOL

They continue to say just keep that head high
But why?
Why must I be putting my head High when everything around me is so dark and shy
So fucking depressing how they always cry
For me. For others my
Information they pry
For once come stand by . In my shoes. Just come try
Come see the struggles that I see daily.
Come see the people who don’t reach out to mail me
Come see my world and your opinion will change… maybe.
110% effort not a day where there is less
I’m getting tired of being told I won’t be the best
My own family knocks me down leaves me a mess
Their isn’t much to say but here let me

Ici c’est Nice c’est pas Bruxelles !
Loin de vos pute loin de vos hlel !

Ici c’est Nice c’est pas bruxelle !
Pas le même thème pas les mêmes blem pas le même chite pas les mêmes shmit pas la mêmes beuh pas les mêmes bleu !

Ici on est pas des loco à la damso ni même sado loin d’être paro dans vos carha sa tourne pas rond même au ballon brf passons t’facons vos keh j’me demande s’quelle ont dans l’calecons et qui fait quoi dans vos tiekson à par des sons ou vendre des contrefaçons ! Brf passons t’facons ici c’est Nice c’est pas bx frr 6h du Matt sa sort le gxr les sous tu les fais pas j’connait des ptit qui vont les faire sortir le fer on vont s’y faire j’parle de nerfs on a les nerfs 2019 parle pas de guerre sa s’envoie des traitre coup de Shlass ou bien mitraillèrette pour des hkaya de keu ou de ket ! Histoire à 2 balle sa te raquette dieux contrôle le game tout l’monde veut l’es manette ! Tout l’monde veux la malette donc ce monde est panette ! Léger niveau hesennette j’pete mon joint est ma canette j’regarde YouTube en insultant vos starlette !

The darkness is here today
It's trying to take my life away
I'm sick and tired of lifes shit
I'm telling you man the voices are here trying to take it
My Ill mind is what helps me to rhyme even if it don't make me a dime, I don't care with that I'm fine
Rap or poetry is a mean of expression, something to try and take down my depression
"Bars so hard", I don't wanna here that shit tell me what you feelin', I'm over here trying so hard to just start healin'
Family and friends are in my life by the dozen, no one cares though because my life is my own and right now I feel as though my heart is made of stone
Choked by passion but have the attention span that would make you think I was a 1 minute man
Passion is easy love is hard so anybody who tells you that they do don't disregard

974 ?

Lately I haven't been the same I'm tryna change my ways im trynna show these fake mumble rappers I'm gunna change the game I got my squad we stay the same we smoke Mary Jane here we go flowing on this beat my sound is so uneak people start bumpen my music on the streets like biggie but no lie I'm a whiteboy chasing my legacy getting rid of my negative energy showing people this is what I'm ment to be writing ryms set me free so just let me be in my zone I don't got time for that bitch trynna kill my vibe bro shit they life is basic let's just face it I get these problems I pray to the lord to help me face them just another underrated rapper coming from fsj underrated rapper from fsj shit just ant the same yeah I don't knoww why yeah i donno why no lie life hits you hard shows you your mistakes is a lesson learned and everything happens for a reason so don't we just face the facts and see it

So does this beat belong to you or Ivan B? His song is called "Jump" its exactly like this one. If I'm wrong i apologize i head of time!

good record man, keep at it and check me out when you get some free time

I want this beat.

But like, where the hell the drums at?? So many different ways you could've made this better. Not hating, just saying.

You need more exposure man.. Like people need to know about you ASAP

This line matches that piano and snare well
So stuck on the rest though lol.

Demons in my head, you know they don't have play nice

First time checking u out n I can already tel u got mad skill??

Sorry I don't believe in demons. I only have enemies!

sounds like a young thug beat but still very dope

I peed my pants

Where can I buy beats?

Sounds dope fam!

I prefer solitude. Alone. Kinda need space to find the right placement. Being quite Frank, straight up, I'm no chaser. Won't run out for her. On her own. Cut throat. I'll bleed her out. I'm that thrown. Don't blame where I'm from. how I've come. Best payoff dues whilst putting down wagers. Those who owe favors are never favored.

Damn thats straight fire!?

This is too dope! ?

Imma Rapper HU$TLEMANIA Come 2 My Channel And Check Out The J.Cole/Kendrick Type Beat "Root Of All Evil" I Freestyle'd In The Comments. Need Feedback. Will Appreciate It.

love it bro


Damn this beat is a hit! I would appreciate if you could take the time to give me some feedback on the beats on my channel.

Artwork ?

i always go back to you bro you got the unique beats keep it up boi

yooo, this beat's sick af, keep it coming g

Dope sound selection on this a lot of energy on this beat??

Anyone else gets hype when lucid drops a beat ?

Lucid sounds is the best out there !!!!!!!

this is dope fam

Fire ass beat bro ✊?

The bounce ?


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