[FREE] "Don't Fall" – (2019) Juice Wrld / Lil Uzi Vert Type Beat

[FREE] "Don't Fall" – (2019) Juice Wrld / Lil Uzi Vert Type Beat

[FREE] "Don't Fall" – (2019) Juice Wrld / Lil Uzi Vert Type Beat

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Time to get down to the next plan coming back is kook g rap with the x rated sex plan it ain't a toy and my balls aaint made from nerd fucking g rap is worse than givin birth and I wont have no pity on yah girlie bitch you'll be thinking that your period came early cause I be breaking fuckin backs on top of that I ain't no mothafucka minor fucking wit me is like playing russian roulette with your virgins I'll even fuck a pregnant bitch I poke her muthafucking baby in the head with my dick ypu wanna give me head I won't devise ya but it won't be no more room for your mouth for no salivia

Anyone want to share constructive feedback with each others music?

How do you get that effect on the piano. I’ve been searching for ever ?

oh no ya should have never
took my bankroll
now yo ass gotta go
I let the choppa go
it'll leave you lookin like a cheerio
I'm out in Rio wit a bad ho
shawty might get a ring
the way she blow oh oh

shit tune

This shit ???? im definitely fw this

Nice one man??

Melody catchy asf ! subbed

Its sad how u left me in the dust i thought there was lust i guess loves tuff i smoke untill i choke hand me a coke she wanted my heart then she go and brake it apart she past by smelling like flowers i wanted hours to he respond i was numb my brain acting like a bum why is love weird she dropped tears she started drinking beers

We are who we are,
We're broken and scared,
And When life falls apart,
We live and we die,
We dig for a prize,
We live in the dark,
And we shoot for the light,
In the sky, we go high then
We feel alive,
We're learning how to thrive,
Ima go and grab that mic
And grip it tight, thats what I like
Blow your mind like dynamite
Sippin on that purple sprite

absolute fire

If you got it
Then don’t lose it
It all could be yours
First you need to choose it
Believe in yourself
Shut out all the losers
Stick to what you know
Stay true to your soul
Say you got it
Let them know


Check out my beats

This thoooooo come on man

Sub to me for good luck ? thansks

Sub to me for good luck

https://youtu.be/D2amVKpAA7wout my guy songs heat??

this goes crazy ?

Check out my freestyle on this @ https://soundcloud.com/oso-slim/action

Can I use this beat???

2 late ???



First beat I heard on your channel hit that subscribe button some quick beat ??

Don't Fall
Don't Slip
Don't Fall for the sh*t
Jump off of my D*ck…

Can I use this beat

Play it in play back speed 1.27

Needs a kick bro


Yeah shorty know ima have a Good time don’t kill the mood let the fucking sun shine yeah yeah yeah yeah don’t get enough sleep I’m mostly just in the corner of my room while I fucking weep Aye everything fake I’m mistake mistake

Baby you the one that I adore, baby let’s get high let’s fly and soar, we going to hit up Gucci and buy the store, let’s vibe some more

I been trynna talk to you but u dont ever wanna
You say u love me but how come u never hmu

I wanna know why
I wanna know why u be cryin

Just to clarify I’m aloud to use this and put prod by mega beats right

Op beat is this a real song because I'll love to listen to it

Regrets in my past now
I was moving too fast down
That shit didn’t last damn

Now I’m down in my sorrows
Don’t wanna see tomorrow
Girl you had me real down
But you got me in my bag now
Shit changed real quick
Shoulda known that you would switch
Dumb of me to show a bitch love
You was here and then you dipped
The one i wanted kids with
New life with a new bitch yuh

Don't fall in loveeeee you can get your heart broke
I fall in loveeeee I just got my heart broke

Ya mom had some good pie 4 5 leave you lookin like a red tie and that's no lie ??

this is sick keep up the good work bro!!!

bruh I need this beat

pull up in a wraith
that b***h gave me neck
i aint goin back
made all these stacks
diamonds in my mouth
rob it dont get caught
f**k her on the couch
squash her like a roach
now im moving on
all your friends they gone
all my haters talk
they cant even walk
shoutout mega beats
all them songs are beasts
i dont even lie
cuz im so fly
catch you by surprise
with my glock 9
always run from love
always stay above

of the dome bars pls dont judge im weird

this the one ??

The 10 dislikes are the people who still fell

I can kill this bro! I will release my track called Malware – Love Me (Prod. Mega Beats)! My bars are so heated bro I tell you that in advance bro! My classmates are waiting for my track bro and I think this will be my single in my album right now! Mega Beats you will be my producer if I will be famous sooner because I dream big! #MegaBeatsAreLit

She said i hate you, its not true, she just mad that i cant come thru, whats wrong, whats wrong, dont hate me for my past decision, i told her , yea im on a mission, they tried to cut me and her apart like division, oh someone help me i need help, lust is not love, flying higher than a dove, one day she mad, the next she wanna cuddle, i dont think she ever been through the struggle, i remember days she was putting on her make up, only sipping water out of my cup,

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