(FREE) Drake Type Beat 2019 – "Fly" | Free Type Beat | Rap/Trap Instrumental 2019 (UNTAGGED)

(FREE) Drake Type Beat 2019 – "Fly" | Free Type Beat | Rap/Trap Instrumental 2019 (UNTAGGED)

(FREE) Drake Type Beat 2019 – "Fly" | Free Type Beat | Rap/Trap Instrumental 2019 (UNTAGGED)

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(FREE, NO TAGS) Drake Type Beat 2019 – “Fly” | Free Type Beat | Rap/Trap Instrumental 2019

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I wrote a banger on this fire ass beat, go and check it out!?


ทึ่นี่คือบ้านกู ทุกหนทุกแห่ง คือบ้านกู

fuckin Gangster!

Can i use this beat for background theme for my rap ???????

This beat is so fire! Can you tell me what key this is in??

My Song,on your instru

?? NICE!

Dope beat fam

This is fire

Walk up in the spot you know I’m flexin see me Nd my gang you know we flexin that’s ya man right there he ain’t flexin…………. the hook gone be suttin crazy watch y’all gonna hear this song on the radio

just let us be, be free
Let us be we teens
We wanna smoke weed, go out sip some hennessy
school and rules feels like our enemy
say they want the best of me but give no rest you see
having fun is the recipe chilling out is the key
best times with my dogs yeah the family
we ain’t got no time to read n fuck the police

ha y’all feel me we on the same team
always felt like a blessed life was a dream
should be fantastic should be extreme
blowing big o’s could call me hakeem
always ballin yeah a real mvp
I wanna do drugs
I give zero fucks
I wanna hit the clubs
I’m gonna hit my plugs
yuh I wanna have fun
I don’t care about my lungs
let me smoke some let me smoke one
never broke son didn’t choke once
how many L’s none
nobody fell we still run yuh
I rather live my life the fullest and die at an early age
Instead of going to school it’s foolish let it go to waste
Fuck the money spend it go to the stage
Watching denzel curry rage yuh I gotta play

Thinking of rapping this over the beat only the first verse…
She didn't wanna go home it was getting too late, so she asked me if its alright and if she can stay. I said yeah there's plenty of places around for you to lay, Later on that night I knew this would happen she wanted to play, next minute she trying jump ontop of this, I said nah were putting it in your oesophagus, Anything I say she will argue the opposite, once again i forgot how toxic this is, I should have followed my hypothesis, don't date them so you don't have to deal with this poxy shit

hi bro sick beat really I like it can I use it im rapper ?

Eu vim de baixo,
Subi no encaixo,
Hoje apenas relaxo,
Isso é só que eu acho,
Na realidade tenho vida de macho,
Macho é bixo bravo,

My neighbors enjoyed this so much they even invited the cops XD!

yo that beat is sick and the melody is wavy af!!
show some love on my channel too when you get time!

Put The Pressure On Em ? Damn

woah this shits crazyyy??

permission to use this song for my video song background yess

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