[FREE] Drake Type Beat – Bad company

[FREE] Drake Type Beat – Bad company

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Produkcja Kruszwil (;

Kamerzysta – SUKA (prod Kruszwil)

Oh what a feeling, Straight to the top I don’t know where the ceiling, is
I don’t think you know who you dealing, with
Might just have to go to the dealer, ship
And cop something.
Shout out to my pops, whole lotta sauce that I got from him.
Reminiscing on times we was all youngings,
In the function late night til the cops coming,
Back then, they was acting, like we wouldn’t be shit, but now it’s packed in,
Quit talking, like you know me, Because you don’t know a thing about Jack man,
In class, I was zoned out, I didn’t learn how to multiply fractions,
I was leaving my backpack at the crib, can’t trip now cause the whole bag’s in,
No acting, this is real life,
Tell me what it is what it feels like, uh
Tell me is it wet is it real tight, uh
Can I slide in with my lil guy?
I know it’s been a minute but I’m still fly,
At Derby with a bow tie on like Bill Nye,
I’m with your girl she a real vibe,
We just had a picnic on the hillside

To niezła produkcja kruszwil


Madd black

Se ta é doido meu parceiro
Olha essa águia no começo do beat

Kto od kamerzysta suka

Kto po Suce? XD

dLa JeDnEj LiCzA sIe Te LaJkI nA iNsTa

ta kurwa i know i know spoznilem sie 🙁


Ill leave u stankin what da fuck u thankin mr waka flaka bustin at em when they least exspect it i kome from Tx

This beat is fucking peng



Did you ask trap House to use his tattoo design as a cover??

Produkcia kruszwil


Kto od libe subcribe poland?

To niezłe prod. Kruszwil

czy tylko ja tu slysze slowa suki? xD

TO NIEZŁA PRODUKCJA KRUSZWIL xD Haha już widzimy jak nas oszukują 🙂

to niezłe produkcja kruszwil

Kamerzysta Suka 😉

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