[FREE] Drake type beat "Impatient" | Trap instrumental (Prod. by Lytton Scott)

[FREE] Drake type beat "Impatient" | Trap instrumental (Prod. by Lytton Scott)

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Free Drake type beat “Impatient”. Trap instrumental.
Direct purchase/download link: https://air.bi/e4Jj0
Official website/beat store: http://www.lyttonscott.com

This is a hard trap type of beat. It’s got quite a fast tempo with fast hi hat rolls, crisp trap snares, hard and punchy kicks and of course, a rumbling 808. It would be perfect for some of Drake’s more trap orientated music. Drake has done several songs to beats that are similar and minimalistic in style, such as this one.

Here is a link to similar types of beats I’ve made: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list

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Blog Comments

Coter du coter obscure
Je fumé un pete donc à ma droite chetane aprais
Génération. Bipolaire confonde le bien le mal

This beat is pure fire

Hustle neva know NO betta things come 1st you is so special to me but it's NOT what YOU WATCHYA NEED
Impatient/ waiting olny makes it
The way that they have you
GIVING it a bad look at yourself ask you Mad at me Idont lose -POINTGUARDN


wassup Lytton Scott , how do i go about leasing this beat? looked every where

The fam be waiting on me
bet im impatient
Started with 21 racing
Now im with migos we be skating

Hold up
Let get to the making
No fakeing
Pass that this shit to jake
Thought the white boy couldnt make it
Jinx it
Flip it like the marix
Drake we back age
On the back page latly
Ghostman is the face
Haters light ing sage
Its gettibg hazy
Tryna shoo me away
Bet i made my way
Dat way
Migos wut the stat man
StoneBlock we made it
Dats a fact
Me and migos in da bak
Of wait a minitue

I hear 21 stoneblock
Me and migos pull up on the block red rock
We be white chalking
Marking waps on my partment
Ghostface yeshh
Now yall know what im talking
Walk the stoneblock
21 gon come and let the glock pop
Drop a hater on his face for that dumb talk
Im with migos
Aint no dum talk
We be chillin in the vip
Wit the fam
No drip
Told yall i wont slip
Hit the vip
Police tryna catch me like im a villian
Im just class living
Hah no feelings
We trying to make a kill it
I got the rymes wheres my record
Instagram all checkered
All the waps
Told ya i aint no slacker
Ganga ya we pack it
Add subract it
Bet the blunt smoke come. Smoke
Aint no gun smoke
Cooking in the smoke
Old beef all smoke
Smoking beef
We aint brooking it
We be cooking it
Enough with the crooked shit
Mad in the cut
Haters why you looking bitch
Bitchs breaking necks
Just to get a look at me
Yeah sorry i be taken girl
You be mistaken
Should have came when i was baking
We be mad walking
Mad talking
Mad popping

Me n the homie finna hop on this rn

Brooo…….please….. help… i cant find this beat…. non profit use…. send to [email protected]gmail.com thanks bro… i love what u do

You make some heat we need to hook up and do something money&music Da trapking

I love to rapp my music ?????????????????

Thunder fire!!!

my g

Still killin' it

Amazing production ???

Never fails. You posed to been blew up

This is ??

Wow this is so cool!

Solid beat fam dope


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