FREE "Emptiness" Kendrick Lamar ft. J Cole & Logic Type Beat | Hard Instrumental

FREE "Emptiness" Kendrick Lamar ft. J Cole & Logic Type Beat | Hard Instrumental

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? new kendrick lamar fr. j cole & logic type beat / instrumental 2019 – “emptiness” | hard Instrumental 128 bpm
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Blog Comments

Solid beat bro! Only thing I'd say is to have the bass boom a little more if you're going for a hard sound

ewwwwwww I have to write to this one. You killed it! FROM WISHES/BULLET #4 HE DID YOU RIGHT BRUH!!??

Sounds like a T-Minus type beat, I like it

Ight hold up
No disrespect
But shut up
I’m only 16
I’m just living life
I’m only flat screen
Y’all all like fake lean
Y’all all like cart fiends
You won’t hear a rapper
Say it like that
But I think fast
Go fast
Quick as
The flash
Get back
From that
Get high
Too fly
Oh my
Mc fly
Think fast
But don’t into the past
So take a seat
Like the cash guy indeed
Pick up the speed
Without the beat
Go anyway I wanna
Smoking marijuana
Helps me deal with trauma
Y’all just causing drama
And I’m just bossing
CEO shit
Need to go shit
You wouldn’t know
That’s yo girl
Why she on my phone
Tryna get this bone
Get it, cause we go dog
Winging it like her on the top
Talking shit, I’ll grab the mob
We’ll need a mop
So take your place
No time for lames
Stay in your lane
My bitch got a choppa
Piss her off I can’t stoppa
Popping pill like gobstoppers
Didnt pay up so we had to rob a
A bitch
A lick
Just to feel a kick
Of adrenaline
Like some medicine
But that’s irrelevant
I’ll be selling shit
Making move
Tryna be different like everyone else
You’l lose
Next album
Running views(;

Thank you @Lucid Soundz for producing a song for @Demrick. You should put it on here your page as well, you did an amazing work with that song he called "Sacrifice" it's by far one of my favorite songs i heard all year. Keep producing?like you always do.✌

Can I kill this beat for you?

check out my newest beat you wont be disappointed

Check email homie! We got a dope sample to flip my brother

This shit is dope too

All I want to do is just to find some peace
Running through the east,
Hand up on my piece.
We just lost the homie, may he Rest In Peace.
I do not feel whole, only just a piece.

Damn brooo my house just burned down from al this ??you better be buying me a new house with al the money you gonna make ??awesome beat bro logic vibes al over

Fire bro ?❤️

the melody is hard it creates a storytelling vibe!! and fw the drums too

You're fuckin talented ! ??

I feel empty when I can't listen to any Lucid beats ?

I fuxz with this one!⚡?

this joint smacks harder then short people

im trying so hard not to sound generic when giving my opinion, this fire 😀

Very well made .


Can some of you all do me a huge favour and check my beats give me feedback I’m tryna make them best as possible❤️

Lucid for President 2020

Sicker than the rest
This is not a contest, you will lose
All you rappers look like food
And I'm about to feast
Turn the oven on, 400 degrees
Sit back relax, and enjoy my meals in peace

My Emptiness makes me such a mess
Cannot Express
The feelings that I'm feeling
Brink of insanity
My emotions make me

Nice beat…

Your music is great ?

I can actually hear Key Glock to this ik im NOT the only one…

diggin your recent beats man keep it up

You've been droppin gems bro!


Who loves the jungle art of all these lucid soundz videos

filled the emptiness insideeee ??

Bro this is a banger??

Sinister vibes on this one

This beat so fire, I made s'mores on it ?


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