[FREE] Future Type Beat 2016 – "Mud" ( Prod.By @CashMoneyAp )

[FREE] Future Type Beat 2016 – "Mud" ( Prod.By @CashMoneyAp )

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[FREE] Future Type Beat 2016 – “Mud” ( Prod.By @CashMoneyAp )

Zaytoven Type Beat
Purple Reign Type Beat
Metro Boomin Type Beat
I Got The Keys Type Beat
Commas Type Beat

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Blog Comments


If future wants a Grammy, he should hear this

TDB Tj (Tweaking Jitt) R.I.P-2YNT

famous dex x futuer x lil herb

how can i purchase this……..! please let me know

Check out what I did with this beat lmk whatchu think I fuck with your production heavy


Anybody know a song with a beat like this?

This one of my fav beats from you bro 💯💯😈🔥🔥🔥🔥👌🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽

Wow Amazing Instrumental!! Dude how are you not famous , the beats you've made are fucking brill! You are truly talented & an amazing inspiration in the music industry! Please keep it up.

Link to wallpaper please?

soundcloud.com/bigmoneymani 🔥🔥💯

I'll subscribe anyone back who subs to my channel

dope bests. but they sound to similar, using the same sound kit. no hate tho. I have some songs on my YouTube , that are from cash money.

It says free so can I use it or do I still have to buy it ?

sound like something speaker knockerz would rap to fr this hot🔥


CashMoneyAp broooo ive used like 6 of your beats bro these mfs so cold, I fuk wit you tuff keep it up…….if one of these songs go viral I would like to pay you

Its the hard knock life if u think about it
No one to keep you dry when its gettin cloudy
No one to take u in when you need a place
No one to keep you safe down in dade county

To make a million is on my checklist
Cop a necklace
Ill be livin reckless
Ima pull up music blastin and im flexin
See my life just like a movie shoutout netflix
All this smoke up in the air can ease your stressin
Cant whipe the smile up off her face cuz im finessin
I keep her guessin
She askin questions
Forgot to mention
I cleared my message
And i done seen too much i went and copped some shades
I put that on my mama i cant stand the hate
Now all these niggas hatin cuz im gettin paid
They saw me cashin out like it was christmas day
No one to get me thru yea i stayed hungry
No one to help me move when i needed money
No one to take me in when i needed help
No one to keep me safe down in dade county

Dee mcgee would kill this beat

Chorus x2
Alot moves i made that aint made me
 to real for em thats why that hate me
People change everday, they cant change me
U aint got no money, please
dont blame me

Booming out ya speaker try to make it like im dave east
I feel like im owed world sometimes they aint gave me
I just want the head, aint trying kick it like bruce lee
Roll up, blaze a oz then we gonna need more weed

Rather die then be something that i aint
They aint getting money,  so now they start to hate
Started getting money then they start to change
Make a couple moves, then i cop me some weight

Verse 2
I Need me a vanity
House for my familey
Smoke for insansity
Wheres the humanity
I just know theres bigger man in me
when they start change i just change the cheek
Walk in my shoes? You couldnt last a week

Yeah 45 to brain
Them im switching lanes
I just need a house, car
And a little change

Crack ya head open like a piggy bank
Be myslef, dont care what none of yall fucking think
Call up a stain, then i cop a little drank
Make money off my music, then i head to the bank

where you from Ap ?


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God is the PRESIDENT.

love team.

Dropped a dope track to this
Mix and mastered all by me
Check it out https://soundcloud.com/corey-redwine/new on #SoundCloud

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