[FREE] Gunna x Lil Baby Type Beat 2019 – White Patek | @yung_tago

[FREE] Gunna x Lil Baby Type Beat 2019 – White Patek | @yung_tago

[FREE] Gunna x Lil Baby Type Beat 2019 – White Patek | @yung_tago

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Blog Comments

?✊?? LETS GET IT !!! ROAD TO 200k!!

The guitar got me vibing

What do you use to make beats?

? track

Made sum to this what y’all think ? https://youtu.be/lovUr5ewt7I

You the plug



i wanna buy it

what song is this


I might have to slay this just for the Cloud

OMFF why didn’t I hear this before I bought the other beats this shits tooo firrree?????



i bought the beat brother, check the status and clarify with me as soon as possible!!!!!

Ther's another one famo


Thank u

Yo i need dis track how much holla back asap.jnuck.lucky Nuckles.

Dude. . yeah like hell yeah dis shit rocks

I think I'm the first to say this but isn't this the beat used in Rylo Rodriguez Melvin

What's up y'all I'm an aspiring hip hop artist out of Brooklyn, NY promise I'm not whack give my channel a chance if you got some time, bless

yoooooo this is colddddddd

You getting better n better bro ???? stay at it

aye bruh this fye i just used this

I need me a white Patek,
These diamonds they shining all over my neck
I making these bitches so wet
Pockets so fat I ran up a check

Ran up a check I ran up a bag
Get my dick suck while I’m smoking this gas
Money talk a lot so I’m moving it fast
Spit on you hoes I ain’t got no class

Ever since a youngin I wanted to be rich
Counting this money I’m talking blue strips
Niggas try and rob me and you could get hit
45 I pull up with a stick.

You ain’t never had it like me
Only 16 I’m looking real Icey
Chain so bright but these diamonds shinning
Your girl love the way I been styling

I got the juice, I got the sauce
Look my wrist I am the boss
Look at these bands this money talk
Dripped out you could see my walk

In the cut with my niggas
Izzy pull up he gon rip ya
Jay pull up he got hit ya
Snitching as niggas get stitch up

Ya niggas ain’t ready
Bullets cook it up like it’s spaghetti
Sending this shots ain’t no confetti
Watch when I kill that nigga fetty

Niggas be jacking my shit but be fake
Thought you was real but really was fake
Used to eat with us now you served on my plate
No remorse don’t care what you say
Shoot to kill sniper gang on aim
Niggas do it for free some niggas do it for pay
I just want the bag not even the fame

We got in our bag we do what we do we chasing these blues eat like food run up on me get hit with the tool me and my crew just spinning the opps fuck around we don’t talk to not thots me and Lou just sending some shots passing weed like we passing the rock free all my niggas that’s lock in the box hateing on us cause we all at the top run it up they trying to put us in a box 4”5 gonna hit him in his neck make sure he duck like the nets
Ride up in nothing but a lex rolllex but no time on it off white with some bitchs on me niggas know I stay with it came with all my brim never switch up on my main niggas always chill with a gang member I don’t fuck with no lame nigga smoke packs out the ps tho run up on a c nigga 40 bangs when I see a nigga niggas know I’m b nigga gang gang will never fold all of my brothers stay 10 toes getting these bands like malo people talking they bozos hateing on the low tho Diamonds dripping I’m load them opps snitching I’m fold them rip to my bloodas gang

Finna be a fire freestyle ?



I need me a white pateck
These diamonds they shining all over the neck

I think you should kno some bout me (what)
I aint crip but my niggahs moving N three
Blue hunnits like the sea
im on a mission, yeah I just do it nikeyy
street niggah no degree
If you on my block then you better pay a fee
Yeah you gotta pay a fee nothing N this world is free

(Ganggggg Ganngggggg)

Gotta get to the gwap
Jugging finessing my way to the top now
And its never gone stop now
Free all my niggahs that's sitting up top now
Free my niggahs that's locked down
Niggahs been switching yeah niggahs move wock now
Free Curt free pop now
Free juice too 83rd be the block now

2×Yeah I'm running these checks up
My niggahs official my niggahs is next up
Never lack keep a teck tuck
He tired to run, now that niggah dead stuck

When I catch a new opp I make it litty
Brand new chops
Brand new glock
I'm N the spot
Niggah you popped like a fucking willy

I'm not playing no games
No I'm not saying no names
Run up get put on a chain
I'm for really
Sending shots sending shots
Im sliding wit apes
& im sliding wit all the billys

Tick tock ???

Tago how all yo beats are too fye ??


Check out my Tracks Tago.

this hoe is nice got any tips on how i should improve my beats anyone?


Yung Tago the Metro Boomin' of the X Generation, keep grinding hard slatt ???

Yessir this a hit ! ??

tago got the juice, no question!

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