[FREE] Gunna x Polo G Type Beat 2019 – "Dangerous" | Free Guitar Trap Type Beats 2019

[FREE] Gunna x Polo G Type Beat 2019 – "Dangerous" | Free Guitar Trap Type Beats 2019

[FREE] Gunna x Polo G Type Beat 2019 – "Dangerous" | Free Guitar Trap Type Beats 2019

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Produced by Jackpot

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[FREE] Gunna x Lil Baby Type Beat – “Dangerous” | Free Type Beat

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Blog Comments



It’s too

I don’t know what to say about this

What myour beat tag so I can give you credit??


that’s hard

can i use this for my soundcloud?


Nice beat. Check out my latest beats on my page.

This hoe hard

Jackpot and ESKRY just keep killin it


jackpot you snapped

Flute is hard

I love the melody! I let you check my work if you want…

this dumb lit bro

This sample is just ridiculous bro!! amazing!!!

Damn this is some heat bro. I subbed?

You really are talented.

I really appreciate if u could sub back and check out my recent videos!?

?I want that 808 sir ?

guitar and flute go hard ?

Beat us fucking fire

yoooooooooooo this beat crazy

I smell good Gucci cologne
Bitch leave me alone
Don’t wanna fuck so don’t hit my phone
She sit on my dick like it was a throne
Pull up on yo block bullets hit yo dome
Hop off my dick bitch stay in yo zone
I’m getting this bag no u can’t have a loan
This beam is red n my gun is chrome

Pull up on me got that lazer beam w a dot
Fucking yo bitch u know she a thot
My diamonds so sick they built like sum snot
got all this ice for my bars cuz they too hot

bruh! straight heat??

I mixed a artist using one of your beats not too long ago ?? nice to finally meet you ??

Your beat is amazing ! What do you think about my last one ? https://youtu.be/WGskmow9nog

cool beat, subbed for support ?

I love the melody ?

Slaat your beat hard asf , i got some fire beats on my Channel !

I want Jackpot music in Fifa

nice beat, probably gonna buy it, what is the bpm and the key my friend?

This shit go hard


You killed that sample man ?

Gunna and Young Thug would be a dream on this beat ???

Sheesh this beat is a jackpot bro ??

Great job on this beat. Very glad I watched.

Shout out jackpot

i be fucking you bitch like i’m 21
fuck wit me you get 21 bullets in your dome

i just bought a new home and barley even go home
bitches didn’t want but now that i blew up they be all up me

pull up on you for talking that dome
it’s straight shooting we ain’t talking no mo

these bitches only want me for my clout
but i ain’t stupid i just fuck and like poof

don’t play wit my money cause if you do you won’t see daytime again
i don’t got time for you niggas
y’all busy hating i’m busy getting this paper

im busy getting this paper i might ass well print em

i be flexing on these niggas new bust down i might make you bitch bend down

JACPOT , ты как всегда на высоте ? !!! BRAVO ??? !!!


Cold as hell, but really why would we expect anything less? JACKPOT!!!

Straight ?

This should be on Polo G’s album


Bout to drop some lyrics on this brat if you dont mind


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