(FREE) Gunna x Roddy Ricch Type Beat 2019 – "Homicide" | Free Guitar Trap Type Beat 2019

(FREE) Gunna x Roddy Ricch Type Beat 2019 – "Homicide" | Free Guitar Trap Type Beat 2019

(FREE) Gunna x Roddy Ricch Type Beat 2019 – "Homicide" | Free Guitar Trap Type Beat 2019

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(FREE) Gunna x Roddy Ricch Type Beat 2019 – “Homicide” | Free Guitar Trap Type Beat 2019

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Ever since a jhit I been wantin in the street
Now I’m in the street I been wantin out the street
But I can never change yeah this shits apart of me
Late nights cold days I can never sleep
Pow pow pow now the boulevards bleak
Opp shot back then the pool of cars bleed
Skirt skirt skirt cause my offhand weak

What does it mean by non profit use?

I'm finna bless dis hoe

I made a fire record to your beat…type in "fall outta luv jcamb" on soundcloud. lmk if you like ??

Isle 6

✋✋ to anyone reading this I genuinely hope youre doing great ?❤

im a 20yo producer from CT trying to build a fanbase and get my sound heard, if you are kind enough to give me a chance or like this comment ✌✌ of course ill support everyone else we are all trying to grind and get our chance ??? much love GOD BLESS YOU ❤??

fire anyway ???

Daaamn bro this go harder than metal ??

I stuff them racks in the safe I’m laughing straight to bank nigga I do what you can’t can’t fw these niggas they fake can’t fw dese niggas they hate just hit for some cards hit up chase

Lil Nigga you ain’t living like dat my dawg got a case he gone fight dat I spend a check get it right back all dis sneak dissing boi dont like dat

And dese niggas hate that I’m up now I’m catching plays like a touchdown I need some ice yea that bussdown no can’t love dat hoe she a bussdown niggas hate but I don’t give a fuck now put that hoe on my team but she cut now keep on talking lil boy get ya cut down and I sprint to the gwaup in a rush now

https://youtu.be/zXwH1cIeJgg ?‼️‼️??

When i die man
I cant take the money with me
So i keep a couple hundreds and a bunch of 50s,
Homies talk they shit, but they aint really bout it, please dont speak my name
We will pull up where your mamma stay
And let the hittas spray
And we wont play no game
Put the drip in chain
We will puff a wood we wont sip no purple rain…yea
(Verse 1)
I dont gotta touch a gun
With the crew you better run
We gon hit a lick, and we gon take your bitch
She gon give me top, staying with the drip
phone call to get the drop
We dont talk to opps cause they talk to cops
They just want my head, wanna see a nigga dead
Find a body in the streets nobody will speak
We dont need no pastre, let the .45 preach…yea
When i die man, I cant take the money with me so i keep a couple hundreds and a bunch of 50’s homies talk they shit
But they aint really bout it
Please dont speak my name, we gon let the hittas spray where ur mama stay
Pour some water on my chain
Niggas puff a wood we wont sip no purple rain

When i die when i die yea
When i die when i die yea
When i die i wont die yea
Letting shots out like a free throw, nahhh
Beat a niggas ass like im deebow
She gon deep throat.. ms parker
A like my females a lil darker
She said she got a man but ion really care
Give her back shots than i pull her hair
She use my lap as a chair
If you catch me fuckin that is hella rare
I just want the head
Than i dip and count the bread
East side we dont bleed no red
If we catch you sl

Knocks? i got daily drops too if any producers tryna collab or artists tryna work??

i would slay this beat !!! ? I'm a rapper looking for beats, dm me if u sell this beat G ?☝

I'm a music engineer. If you're starting to rap, I'm mixing songs for the low, $15 a song. I am available 24/7 and will make your work my top priority. Message me here if you want to work together.

if someone can check out my latest beat and give me some feedback, id highly appreciate it 🙂

Me n my boy made a track to this checkit out! ??? https://youtu.be/lNI9HuzsVQQ

sounds great bro!

Nice beat bro!!!

That flute!!! banging chilled beat

I was gon chill naw fucc it just let em have it then we talking homicide Columbine is what I'm I'm imagining but I can establish it gun shots or either stabbing shit I feel the magic in the moment but only when it's happening the way I rap is like a scalpel in yo abdomen surgical c sections bitch I'm reckless with my savageness

I can definitely hear Gunna on this track. Great beat ???? Check out my beats on my page https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5WFTre3XDA58-PCPSgchfg

Bro this beat is tight asf

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