FREE "Habit" ASAP Rocky ft. Nav x Gunna Type Beat 2019

FREE "Habit" ASAP Rocky ft. Nav x Gunna Type Beat 2019

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Absolutely ANY USE of my beats (Including leased beats) REQUIRE CREDIT IN THE TITLE (Prod. by Cxdy). There are NO exceptions.

Any social media use of my beats require credit IN THE CAPTION @thecxdy . If you are a prominent social media influencer & would like to use my production, please DM or email me for use. I have no issue with usage as long as I am credited properly.

The free version of this beat is available for non-profit, evaluation purposes only. This means YouTube or Soundcloud use with NO monetization. The free version of this beat is NOT available for streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music etc.

FREE “Habit” ASAP Rocky ft. Nav x Gunna Type Beat 2019
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Blog Comments

check my beats if you want 🙂


I have the best for this prod
Thanks very good

this is not cxdy 😑

fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Freestyle contest!


Yo bro, all your beats are fire, and you’re really proving your worth but do you think you could change it up soon and do some like brockhampton type beat or some love type beat to show your versatility, I know you got it in you

This beat is too 🔥🔥 kinda sounds like a Penacho beat but it still has that Cxdy flavor though.

cxdy cant be this good, does he have a team or something

Why do you keep putting asap rocky in the title just because your first most viewed video did?


Perfet beat to save your fav 👸 tewu. Hahaha

The most underrated ever


whens the freestyle contest happenin? im ready to win that. B)

This shits amazing




Dope melody 🎸🔥🎶

Tight af Cxdy

This is waaay different for you, and you still killed it. 🔥🔥 I love to hear you doing more variety, even if I am partial to the harder stuff.

This is the perfect example of a simple beat with switchups where the melody just moves you…this is dope af 🔥🔥🔥

Very clean Cxdy, really like this one.

nice melody🔥

damn cody! this lit asf!

Damn this is best Nike ad ive seen so far 😂🔥


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