Free J Cole x Logic Type Beat – "Came True"

Free J Cole x Logic Type Beat – "Came True"

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Free J Cole Type Beat 2018
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This was a challenge to write to but I did and I loved doing it

Have you ever been double crossed? I have man. Ask the mandem. I been rollin with bad men. They be sidekickin it. Robin it. Planning hits. If there is a deal, I be rippin it. If it's either white or brown. Herbs or powd. I am smelling greens. Chasin the million dollar dream.

A whole pie with all this cream. All these fiends lookin for a slice. They be snitchin for the price; that's on my head. You can expact the whiplash when you're tryna fill me with led, because I ain't backin out. If you're bangin, Im bangin loud. Mido the Turk from down south. I know that, when they came after me, you had your doubts.
No worries, I got the semi with me. Hopin it will protect me.
Nerves gettin me. So I roll a dingy and take a sip of the henny. And fight off my frenemies.

I survived and came out as the victor. There is no cure, it is a gift. No wrappers. You need the balls to pull the hammer. No Thor. Now I am a notorious gangster. The funny thing is I am also the protector.
Each month I get my fees. This is a different kind of fear, I am from a different species.
I am closin in on that million dollar dream. With these clowns payin me. Im just being me doing what I do.

The fast life like a beamer or benzie. Pedal to the metal. Makin 180, on the highway. Gotta get away. Lay a while on the low while stash my doe. In a safe in a safehouse. This game is asking waaaay, I wanna get out. Move from down south. To the north. Retirement is here, just one more job. One more, one more. That's always the thought. Always the same case the same thought. I wont get out, because i cant get out. This is my life now. This is my life now.

I used this song in a vlog and I got copyrighted but they gave credit it to the wrong person Tunecore sucks you dont even have rights to your own song. used it for no profit use to :(. Tune core sucks.

Can I just say that you chose the right name for the beat cuz I feel it perfectly embodies it and it gives off that emotion of the phrase, fucking amazing beat Yondo ❤️

Starry night, Shooting star flys by
Wish for a girl that'll be mine

Curly hair, nose ring, big brown eyes
Stare into them you get hypnotized

Finest thing I ever laid eyes on
That's the whole point of me singing my song

She got a big heart in her chest
That's what makes her better than the rest

She's got an angel's voice
I love her with or without choice

To hold her in my arms, I'll be set
She's the one above all, the greatest person I ever met

She's the best part of me
That's type of girl I want her to be

I wanna hold her, kiss her, and please her
Be able to tell the whole world I need her

You're my wish, my wish came true
I'd be lost if I didn't have you, ooh

You're my wish, my wish came true
I'd be lost if I didn't have you, ooh

such a dope beat yondo! one of the best right now…btw i made a song to this beat called "secret" would love to hear yall feedback, much love!

Free bars if anyone wants it

I remember that first time
She asked if she could come thru
It was like all of my wet dreams had actually came true
Yeah, we chilled for a bit
Yeah, We vibed for a bit
Then I killed that pussy
Its like we both died for a bit

Never livin in a huge mansion, and always corious of my passion,till i lost all my patient

Yeah im sorry for the pain i caused shit and now your in somebody else's arms

Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I'll be using this beat for a video that I'm posting tonight at 6PM EST. Thanks for releasing this for the world & allowing us to enjoy your talents!

Look just wanted to live my life but people wouldn’t leave me alone wanted to be on my own misunderstood sometimes I get lonely but only the real ones know me that’s how things be I depend on the respect that my family shows me I don’t know why I have a life or why god chose me I have a purpose supposedly there is an end goal supposedly there’s a reason I live in this world even though it’s a hell hole, I’m just getting tired of the shit that people pull, they acted fake it destroyed my soul.

Thanks for making this dope ass beat bro. I put some lyrics to it of you wanna check it.

1.5 speed is lit!!!

shit came true

Hi guys I’m not an Aspiring Rapper I’m just a college student that does this for fun hoping to spread positive energy. I would really appreciate if you guys could listen to my song on this beat!! Thank you guys in advanced !!

Hey yondo I’ve wrote a song to this if this is a banger il bring you with me haha ? ?? keep up the rhythms



Yo I just dropped a song using this beat, would really really appreciate anyone checking it out

Kinda sounds like glorious five from logic lowkey

Adding insult to injury
No one there to back me
Don't know what the future may hold
Ill stay here like I'm told
Cause the fall to hells a short decent
Breaking all these chains I'm locked up in

Interest and images running through my mind
Why am I not thinking bout you all the time
Never met anything of your kind
You're blowing me up like a land mine

Three seats in the back
I'm jumping out the whip
There's bells in your hair
But a pistol on my hip

Eating at the thoughts that I can't contain
Jumping out this world like Kurt cobain
I don't know what will remain
I think I'm going insane

Present scars
Fall to mars
I'm all yours
Cut these bars

I don't think I can do this no more
Bring me to the floor

Running out of time
Doing my pantomime
Eternitys stretching on
I don't know there I've gone
I've fallen a long way up
So that you can fill my cup

Resting on eternal shores
I can't ask for more
Your grace is sufficient
No more loosening my position
Waiting my time
By your side

Do u got a spotify acc

When i fall (A New Hope Album)
By AntMill

When i fall is when people won’t think of me at all
I know i got a lot of haters, they motivated me to get better
I been fallen like their wishes came true
It’s like my legacy has been sued since i lost you
It’s like my heart has been pulled apart
Bigger than it seems i never had money dreams
People want me to stop they don’t believe that i can’t reach to the top
I tried to shoot my shot i missed then i rot
I tried mixing my anthem but i have no rhythm
Talking to legends with a special talent
The trip always lived to be relevant
Some of his family didn’t believe in Antmill
Did you know he used to take a pill
He had many disabilities but didn’t stop him to get into the industry
It used to help to focus, the man never enjoyed poetry
My father believe in me, he saw a special talent it was probably a meant to be

Bigger than dreams
You don’t know what i see
When i fall
I won’t be missed at all
I try to be bigger than you will be
i just have to play it safe
I just hope you have faith

Not everyone has the same style, we gotta be original
I had to take many trials, wrote many singles
For an album called a new hope
I have all my quotes on my chrome book its true its where i think for hooks
I was always worried for my mother it’s not different for any other
Messing up to many times, i screwed up a couple of relationships
Many times for being a dumb ass piece of shit,
i’ll pulled out the clips from my mind i love to jot it help me to be find
I know a lot of people don’t have faith in me
I tried to see why, they don’t respect me in a way
Is it the way i say things or how i see things or is it how i bring things
In a way i love life, i know had a lot of strikes most of it is like a a hike
Saying i love my mother same with my father and step father, oh shout out to my little brother even though he didn’t like my style

Bigger than dreams
You don’t know what i see
When i fall
I won’t be missed at all
I try to be bigger than you will be
i just have to play it safe
I just hope you have faith

Thank you father

wheres marvin divine at?

i make beats too ! mac miller inspired 🙁
check me out !

We all just gotta dream , but sometimes it's not what it seems we out here like the regime, I'm out here tryna get that cream on the daily , don't know what the fucks been going on lately , my perception of life has been kinda shady , when I'm high I feel all kinds of hazy , but sometimes I'll get lazy I can't sit here and lie , all a niggaz tryna do is get by I'm caught in this high , I'm caught in my mind theirs mountains psychologically in my head that I'm tryna climb , I feel like I'm running out of time / But nah fuck that ima get mines , shout out to my homie 2timez I know he likes to bust and split rhymes , we both know it's about tha time , we used to be out here committing crimes and contemplating suicide / nah that second lines a joke , I bet that made some of yall choke , just give me the benefit of doubt and a Spec of some hope , I'm tryna be the fuckin GOAT , but I'm not the type to brag or even boast , let me tap my glass and make a fancy little toast , you see people I'm not like most , ill put you in a medieval torchering bull and watch you just roast like my turkey on thanksgivin, aye what the fuck else im missin ? Don't let me catch yo ass slippin , have yo blood drippin on my drackos while they glisten , I want everyone to listen , don't get caught in that system / but that's just my philosophy I'm tryna be a prodigy , wanna have my mom's proud of me , I wanna think logically , or at least have some reason , my depression is the worst In the summer world switch up this season , Sometimes I be dreamin , ill have yo ass grievin / I'm just up on a mission, if you ain't bout it then /get the fuck out the kitchen , I'm hackin im glitchin , like fragments & prisms do you like realism? I like this beat flow & rhythm Do you like lyricism?/ my flows a dark art , all i gotta do is follow my heart ,from finish to start & block out my demons , their always lingering around for odd reasons , with my trials and ethics sometimes I get hectic , my life's a real lesson , but always new questions , Will we fulfill all our lessons and count all our blessings?Man this shit got me stressingI'm so sick of just resting resting , I want me a Bentley , the rollies & bitchs & all types of flexing , for now I'll just flow on the rythym , Do you like to hear this _ mysticism , now sit here and listen I'm up in the kitchen , with spices & herbs of lyrically speakin , I don't have any reason , – 1 strike with me boy & you out for the season , that's just my expression , no need for no – nonsense reccesion , -people look back & and keep on this dwellin , they had a hand of cards in your heart & experience dealt it .

Came True
Yeah, 3:30 in the morning I don’t even know-what to write
But this idea flying in my mind gives me the urge to rhyme
I just didn’t want to sleep this ain’t one of those comfy nights
Got the pen and paper to visualize-my head right
Hold tight, we steaming up in here get the water ready
It’s hard to keep the temperature in the room so steady
Never running out of these bars that I’m spitting, got plenty
Mothafucka started from the bottom like a bouncing betty
I say Betty cus I’m feeling pretty, no one can hold me back, I’m enchanted and more than anything I feel enhanced
Get the blessing from my momma to release me from my wrong doings, whatever I’m saying isn’t funny if I ain’t Louis
Yeah C.K., I de-cay from whatever I’m on
“Never ending up till you give it all” we say that where I’m from
Went from looking up definitions of words to knowing what I’m capable of, it’s all muscle memory and part of it my English teacher
10 years of education and I’m still very superstitious
I might not have a doctorate degree but I self medicate with music in my system
Feeling like moving our of my condo and renting out a Kingdom
Growing out myself like I’m growing out my peers, I can see the envy on their eyes when they leer
As the pressure intensifies I’m more and more sublime, a harder type to define
Everyday I impress myself, breaking the boundaries that I set for myself-last time
That’s what we’re all about, trying to keep the uniqueness in my style so I can really stand out and so I really blow up
And when they ask me where I came from, I’ma answer “was a young boy writing what he felt”
Never writing dumb shit, never writing sad shit, always ridin’ the wave, so unpredictable I can’t even predict my own movements, guess I am clueless
Seeking for tones I might’ve left you tuneless, don’t worry when I hit the top I’ma give you more than I gave you less
I have my own dignity and I also have humility, you never gonna see me fucking bitches or flexing my Mercedes
I’ma go find my own lady and make the fam all go crazy
I really gotta thank my diligence and my intelligence
Writing down bars with a feeling I’m unable to describe, also thank myself for not letting my dumbass resign
I made a pact with God that I’ll do that is shit till the end of times
Kids be playing hide and seek while I be playing chase my dreams
Don’t plan on falling behind, don’t give a shit if the road’s steep
Life is full of surprises, it’s raining cats and dogs if you wanna speak metaphorically
Chasing out the phantom from the house, I scare the death to death cus I’m looking too alive-from the outside to dissect
Ain’t nothing else to perfect, I take quality over quantity, dreaming ‘bout a perfect life that I might slip off this reality
Trying to become the man I’ve always wanted to be to impress all of humanity and be this the beginning of my immortality

Be the best you can be
Remember can’t nobody stop you from chasing your dreams

follow your dreams…

Now days I’m taking shots like the columbine
I just wanna find me a shorty that will be mine
The ace comes flying up from deck

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