(FREE) J. Cole / XXXTentacion / Joey Badass Type Beat – "Revenge On My Mind"

(FREE) J. Cole / XXXTentacion / Joey Badass Type Beat – "Revenge On My Mind"

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BPM: 90
KEY: A minor

thisss just cray cray my homie🔥🔥🔥🔥

Momma said
"They'll never love you,
How momma love you"
"But mom i love her,
How i love you"
So its gotta be real
"And if that bugs you,
I dont hate you..
But god loves you"
I'm being humble
Its not me


This beat immediately made me want to vent. This is the product. https://soundcloud.com/midasblack/here-prod-by-secret-stash?in=midasblack/sets/the-plan

This real live a Jill Scott beat

Aye so ion know if you know this but there's a dude who used your beat but didn't pay for it and monotized it but also didn't credit you, and also claimed the song I made which was non profit and had you credited not only that but he claimed this video as well

Great sound!

Check Out My version on all Platforms

Honestly makes me wanna rap about my life thanks for this gem keep doing what you're doing bro wish you nothing but success for you're life man.

Your vibes are amazing. You gotta give credit where credit is due. Thank you for providing the canvas unto which I bleed my soul and paint this picture. I hope you groove to it…

This is a master piece


Sever my own gold
For the combination
Several complications
But proceed
With lane switch

I feel this deep in my ❤

do you want to collab ? Our sounds would compliment each other. got an email ? or somwhere i can show you beats

so sad only 322.037 people know this master piece

I'm the throne in the bush you steady grabbing on/ gold roads we cruising thru Babylon/


I love when you call my phone up at 3 in the morning,
talking about your just trynna get out your emotions.
The feelings are getting sickening
as my grips are getting looser,
my skin keeps thickening as I keep on moving.
I was blind to see that the death of me would be you,
if I kept on trying to get back together,
it would be soon.
Whenever I need to calm down and think,
I always write because it gives me time to sink.

L-o-v-e, what is it,
I need time to sit down and think about my decisions.
Is it too late (x2)

this is it

Fiire ! Check my beat out https://youtu.be/kpLYjFtW-CI

I made a song to this on my channel

GOD THIS BEAT IS SOMETHING ELSE. Keep up the good work!

Recorded and mixed. Coping a lease rn. Lesgo.

I break the bud down to smoke it,
Exhale it, I'm chokin,
Break the fuck down, I'm open,
Now that you're around, I'm hopin,
Someone can finally hear the words I've spoken,

I've noticed, shit ain't what it seems no more,
A bruise ain't nothing new but the seem so sore,
You can tell them not to leave no more,
But they won't stay,
They're no longer on your team no more

I’m doing this justice rn I promise

put it at 1.25x

Have to sample you, too too toooooo fire man

Le ciel devient purple autant que se qu'on à roulé un nuage passe au dessus de moi pas grave j vais éviter défie toutes les lois même celle de la gravité
Flow précis comme attaque orchestré au colis piégé
Masqué dans l auto blanche 500 AMG pas prêt à tout gâcher pour u arriver
Marre de ceux qui rende fou
Pour des petits delits
C'est bon on à capté tu veux jouer les bandits mais tu reviendras sur terres quand la pousse aura grandie quand les petits auront compris que c'est pas dans la pousse que tu auras un avnir
6 pieds sous terre dans un cercueils ça c'est avenir
Les montagnes de beuh voilà se qu'on veut gravir
Si tu jettes du gravier on va devoir sévir

Bruh i could fr picture x r.i.p j.cole and joey on this beat

Keep it up, I like how you put the key n BPM in the comment

so chill but has a bounce worth noting – damn bro nice job 🔥🔥

Cuando me muera,
espero haber cumplido todo lo que yo queria
Y si no pucha que lastima
una carta postuma pa retomar la formula
desahogo mi rima, letras se me quedan cortas
monotonia me consume, punto coma, no lo entiendo
oye como todo lo controlas
quiero un caño y perderme en las olas,para olvidar un rato
y conmigo estar sola

Change playback speed to 1.25. Listen to how smooth those instrumentals line up i darw you

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