[FREE] J.I.D X JOEY BADASS TYPE BEAT 2019 – "man on the moon"

[FREE] J.I.D X JOEY BADASS TYPE BEAT 2019 – "man on the moon"

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late night, downtown
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CRO – Noches en Neuquén

Came for the thumbnail, stayed for the vibe…

give a damn about what they say
unapologetic with my actions since like grade eight
heard yo homie telling gave his ass the nickname trey way 
my old homie now cracked out marijuana was his gateway
seen him at the corner store the other day man he was bare footed
asked me if i had a dollar had a five gave it to him,
i always wondered in my head what had happened to him ,
after he went to New Mexico my boy lost his footing —
wish this life was a fairy tale then again no i don’t,
we all on a river we each paddle our boat —
man you supposed to keep it moving it’s a do or you don’t,
it’s a sink or swim world the ones around me afloat —
i keep a pistol on my hip in case a coward got a clip 
killing innocent brothers and sisters like life aint worth a lick ,
my momma taught me growing up whats bothered shouldn’t be bothered —
keep your nose from out the sky now go and clean your dad’s Impala ,
also don’t ever slang or smoke trees, 
back in high school hung with cats that constantly would smoke weed, 
and yeah whatever i did wasn’t right still i never smoked the pipe –
i was trying to be the next 9inety 6ix Mike ,
ninety nine reasons to rob you out of your sneakers – – –
when i played high school basketball i took some from out the bleachers – – –
Ten point five how perfect they were my size – – –
now i gotta find a way to pay Elijah for them rides

give a damn about what they say X4

give a damn about what they say,
doing Fifty Five on a Twenty ooh no Tay K,
relaxing on the pieeer on a Friday it's my payday – – –
why the ones that barely work the ones that go on the most vacays?
He been posting pics like he live at the gym,
we always looked up to him he had stacks full of chips ,
old homie overdosed recovered now to rehab – –
guess he was faking that lifestyle that he portrayed that he haaaad,
no further details won't expose you like a Hillar-ye-mail ,
this for my middle school teacher ey look at me now,
ey look at me now.
Ms. King i know you see me ……

give a damn about what they say X4

Is this beat sampled or can I upload it to Spotify without any troubles


V I B E S. If I mainstream artist hears this, they will get on it fashow fashow. Spread your music!

Tengo un problema y es que nose que hacer
Cuando te veo siento malo es que te quiero tener
Dame un poquito de tu cuerpo pa saciarme la sed
Ahora veo que me envuelvo en tu perfume mujer
Dejame descansar capaz te lleve a la paz mientras dormimos abrazame no te quiero soltar
Yo no te hablo de soltar ni para siempre mirar
Esa ventana que me amarga y me deja descansar
Otra drogada con la ganga y de nuevo a patear no te das cuenta que te quiero y lo mio es de verdad
Estamos unidos hay cariño y tambien hay amistad
No quiero eso solo beso y verte despertar
Otra mañana en esa cama droga y desayunar
Es que lo hago xq me gusta y no lo puedo soltar
Date un y conoceme capaz haya algo mas


On Fire 🔥🔥

Smooth as i wanna fwm
you a gonna
surround me with drama
Put me in the cage
throw away the key every day
ill still be off the leash
This heart you cannot keep…

Im already knowing you know…im just that fast…

Dam son where you find this…#voice ™😲


They throwing shad cuzz i put em on game fucking lames they aint even knowing what a shame….😎😎😎😎😝😝😝😝😝😝™™™™🐍🐍🐍🐍😵😵😵😵💣💣💣🚀🚀🚀🚀🕐 do the clock work? dam;'!

Shut up im looking at ass
Mind on cash
Haters always last
Im just hitting the gas…💨💨💨💨💨

I aint even trying
Fire what im supplying
Sheeps steady dieing
I keep it real like i aint never lieing
Big fangs
Im the biggest lion

Ladys just wanna get some
Nigggas outchea taking flights
If money what yah really need
then you cant be famous without it
Ill be the first
Bitch im legendary

Oh she know never did i thought
Asss on a platter
Fuck it like i should
When i finish it dont really matter

Man came on the moon if ya know what I mean.


Thugs becomes cryers,
baby daddy liars,
momma raisin kids
that woman gettin tired,
so the son spitting fire,
thinkin bout his priors
Comin up legend,
like his future got brighter,
He learned to be a writer,
From the times skipping write ups,
Went from pissin off the deans,
To jackin cars to light up,
His homies coolin, Swipas,
The type to beat you down,
Thrills get us higher

If you like what I write give me a sub, new songs coming soon.

Man on the moon
Blunt in his hand
Love on his mind
Conversations with the man

Rose in full bloom
His gun like a band
Thornes prickin time
Soul drowin in the sands

I thought it was a video here because of thumbnail


Cool beat man😎

i clicked for the ass
i stay for the beat


Like what you know about stuffing products in tube socks
get a lil cash, make you think my life rocks,
what we do when our imagination gives us vivid views
of all of the things in life we would ever want to do
bitches come to you, know your house is the rendezvous,
smoking weed and fucking, every day is deja’ vu,
all eyes on you, you the plug, you the truth,
you the drug, you the juice, and its never confused-


Love this beat… 7am heading into work on a Sunday, freestyle feels only right 💯

Anotha banger 🔥🔥🧨🔥🧨

I don’t let the smoke cloud judgment
I’m just getting higggggh till judgment day
You can say
What you want
You can do what you want
But bother me while I’m hitting this blunt
I just need it in my system
If the base kick I kick with them
The music sound like a symphony
Smoke thick like a Tiffany
I don’t save hoes bitch this ain’t justice league
If you don’t wanna give me knowledge than just fucking leave
You only came for the fr cdome like a a&t

A servir postas aos bostas que se dão pá borra botas

O senpai de katana em riste só te riste mas nem viste
O corte que te sacode no mata ou morre não ouviste
O desembainhar

0.75x 😩✊🏼🔥✨

Very smooth and groovy💟

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