[FREE] Japanese Type Beat – ''Kyoto''

[FREE] Japanese Type Beat – ''Kyoto''

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🎧 You’re now listening to: [FREE] Japanese Type Beat – ”Kyoto”

Artwork by Chun Lo #GRILLABEATS

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Blog Comments

Why does it say "FREE" if its not free @grillabeats

My profile pic is based off of this pic

Is that peanut butter baby?

Wallpaper please.

Was this bought by logic on Keanu Reeves? Sounds freaky similar

My Enma boi right here with the rinnegan

Please make Japanese type beat about Hashiru = Run.. I am a runner. I think the other sportsman will like it as well.

When you say nonprofit does this mean I can't use this as a outro

I’m walking outside
Changing the vibes
Alone when I ride
My gun at my side
I bury your pride
Look in my eyes
Do you see a soul
I tell em hell no
Im all in my zone
Breaking down nugs
To stuff in a cone
Moving the weight
Trap off a flip
Then take a trip
Look at my wrist
I broke it again
Right over the stove
Ninja Assassin
Call me Hito

That beat nuclear

where is link download this beat ?

Wait is that a Rinnegan right there? Lmao😂

What kind of "Free" is this? can i use it on videos?

where do i go to get the picture?

defs goes hard. again I dont know how this is Japanese though. could be Himalayan flutes.
I like it, but again with coppin the Japanese thing bro.


Heavy bass heavy mind

done Smoked a fat solo cup sized dro doink in the cut with the homies flipping big bucks we dont front got these bitches seeking nuts from the jump on they tippy toes by da bus yuh and we gon finna cut


That awkward moment when an awesome beat has the same picture as your profile pic.

what kinda free i
s this? can i release it free on a site?

Does anybody know what preset is used for the melody?

I been looking for a beat for a rap song of mine. This seems to fit rather well. Is there an email in which I can contact to talk about price?

i am listening to this channel for the first time. but should mention, this beat kinda made me scared

I use it, thx https://soundcloud.com/hokalo/hui

my dad lives in kyoto



Crecí haciendo/ lo que estaban prohibiendo
¡ja! Frente de ellos/ me ando riendo

Cuando Observó todo el panorama,
un trago Pal piso, tomamos caguamas,

ya se hizo el guiso, deleitamos damas,
Todo fino no hacemos dramas

Mi mente se daña, solo mamariahuana, te enseño las mañas, ah como maman

Verde las iguanas, sobre este desierto
Hoy vine a tumbarles, pa ganar el puesto

Gepsone me llaman, nunca los detesto
Problemas mentales, aquí hay respeto

No hay cura pa eso, solo aqui me fleto
Siento que progreso, puños los aprieto

Inicio el incendio, el micro lo caliento
Y Me llevan preso, derramó el talento

A todo me enfrento, nunca fracasar
Disparos pa' adentro, al accionar

Inicio el cuento, soy el asesino cereal
Rifo no aparento, hay vine a matar

Tratar de ganar

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