FREE JID X Logic Type Beat "Honor" I Free Instrumental

FREE JID X Logic Type Beat "Honor" I Free Instrumental

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That's straight flames, I hope this beat won't break down my system 🙂


Ugh yeah its the honorable more memorable I'm capable my lungs are expandable i keep going like an animal eating that shit like a cannable like a mammle im on fire like im flamable i got all this energy like im the entity im always counting like infinity you think im a joke like are you kidding me she crazy like savagely we getting more freaky like passionately we smoking so pass it to me puffin clouds yes we smoke on that loud we move the whole crown

turn up to 1.25, your welcomee 🙂

huan mit deinen schwulen beat pausen die nicht mal tauge wie jeder andere kek youtube beat producer. zerstört doch nicht so gute beats

9 🔥

damn bro you got it lets support each other!👊

Yo premise can I use this ho? "(Prod. Premise)"?

I'm the honorable mention/
I'm the message, the premise/
I'm the final major piece that'll finish the image/
Intricacies implemented that done switched up the vision/
Yeah I'm missing all the diamonds, but I feel like I'm swimming/
Yeah they switching different lanes/
Hypocrites is taken over/
Plenty sense I'm making/
And they'll witness like Jehovah/
My music is a big event/
You're shaking on your sofa/
You took the top spot for a test/
Just like a Chauffeur/
You can see the implications that I'm making/
Go and testify/
Just don't test my patience/
For the sake of being left alive/

Perdu la matrice
Mi rend pas ton kafrine triste
Juste li là pou tombe crise
Sous mon l'emprise
Faut quou coopére
Dans la tempête
Mi taff le rap temps plein
Pas besoin Philippe plein
Pou montrer zot les plein
Kafrine les pleins comme un purain de chienne
Mi opère
Mi fais pas dans la

I tried to spit some bars over your beat! Linked the beat in my vid thanks for making it free man!

100 g, versteckt in einem Schuhkarton,

put land of the snake acapella by joey bad ass on this beat and this will blow your speaker

I fuckin' love these ones!!!! On repeat 😁

Fiz Minha Musica Nesse Beat Olha Link :
My Music, Link:

dope 🔥


Money thicker than blood nowadays so I ain't really tryna get paid.
I ain't tripping when these hoes act different. I ain't into Prozac with gold teeth for a sinner.
See me midnight. Red Beam green light. Means go.
Give em two shots up no it ain't a free throw
See me break the cage bend bars goin beast mode.
Road to riches the cheddar I walk I cheese road.
Ceasar would be proud with the power I fucken prowl with.
Gasoline for the beat I fucken doused it.
When my flow goes on oh no I'm drowning.

if i wanna upload to soundcloud do i have to lease it or just download it

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