(FREE) Juice Wrld Type Beat – "Take Me Away"

(FREE) Juice Wrld Type Beat – "Take Me Away"

(FREE) Juice Wrld Type Beat – "Take Me Away"

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Guitar by: SephGotTheWaves

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Prod.By @BruferrBeatz

Juice Wrld Type Beat
Free Juice Wrld Type Beat
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Free Lil Skies Type Beat
Juice Wrld Beat
Lil Skies Beat
Free Juice Wrld Beat
Free Lil Skies Beat


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Blog Comments

.. Oh? lmao, nigga, someone sent your beat to me completely untagged.

Be warned. Your beats are being stolen. I'm not paying for shit, since I clearly done tracked it & everything, but just know that someone is legit taking your shit yo.

I've already copyrighted it & everything.

If I would've known; I wouldn't have done that. If you fr want your payment that bad tho, Hit me up. I Ain't paying nothing more than $10 or $15 though. That's what it costed me for the beat, and Copyrighting it on Kobalt Publishing.

Take Me Away and Exit are my favorites, but every single beat you've made is a banger.


whatever i gave you you deserved it

Whatever i Had for you your worth it

Don't know what i did to deserve this

Dunno why you live me all alone

Giving you kisses you know your worth it

Giving you love you know i have it

I don't know what i did to deserve this

Dunno why but you can tell that you dont love me

:p I just made the chorus you can get this and make a verse :3

How can I buy this one?

Love this. ?

Whatever I give to you you worth it
Whatever I give to you you earned it
Whatever I give to you you deserve it
What did I do to deserve this

Jesus Christ you my light in all this darkness
I will always show you forgiveness
Lemme treat you like the queen you are don’t go too far
You my whole heart
Don’t make this hard
I just want you forever and ever
Loving you is just my pleasure
I show you affection
I give you all my attention
I’m never in feelings
I’ll love you til the end of my days
I can show you love in so many ways


You my everything
Looking for the perfect wedding ring
I done got high for the last time
You changed my perspective on life
Just don’t throw me to the side
My heart can’t handle it
It’s taken too much damage
Woah you my drug
And I’m an addict to your love
I just can’t get enough
Don’t leave me heartbroken
I can’t take that again
If I lose you that’ll be the end

Juice Wrld could without a doubt body this beat!??

This like a lil peep type beat?????????

Anyone down to collab to this fire, on soundcloud?

Ex girlfriend keep calling me keep calling me keep calling me
Aku taknak dont you find me dont you find me dont you find me

Verse 1

Don’t you find me like you love me
Aku taknak kau macam makan mee
Memang tak masuk dalam akal
Tapi kau yang buat ku hilang akal

Vroom vroom drive sampai bintang
Dah takde sape nak calling sampai malam
Dulu aku setia kau buangi aku
Sekarang aku susah tidak disembukan

Sembunyi lagi aku sendiri
Buntu aku hati dah mati

Verse 2

Suicide now is top one trending
Dan aku tak boleh stop from this thing
Jangan take care pasal aku
Dan cuba call my friend

Aku tkde kawan tkde siapa
Mungkin perlu low profile
Biar semua tak kenal
Sampai aku mati akal

You fckin killed it ?????

Wtf creator why do you disorientate us by writing free in the title when it costs 30 bucks What the fuck bitch why do you lie ??????

Take away to the Lord and savior, just gotta sit back an watch your behavior

we need more sad beatz

https://soundcloud.com/globoii_310/take-me-away-prod-bruferr-beats it would mean a lot if you guys can give feedback ?

Depression and obbsesion

Life is so hard I hate life


Uhh aye take m3 away plz

as usually a cool beat. guys, if you don't mind that, rate my beats please, I need the rating ??❤

as usually a cool beat. guys, if you don't mind that, rate my beats please, I need the rating ??❤

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