[FREE] Kodak Black Type Beat – "BankRoll" | Wavey Trap Type Beat 2019

[FREE] Kodak Black Type Beat – "BankRoll" | Wavey Trap Type Beat 2019

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[FREE] Kodak Black Type Beat – “BankRoll” | Wavey Trap Type Beat 2019

Beat by Mubz Got Beats

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Blog Comments

real sick beat! check out my new beat aswell!

Queen kincy
I gotta bankroll
Nigga wanna eat the pussy
Like jellyrolls make
them bills fold
He keep my wrist
shinning like gold
Queen kincy ain't kno issue
Give this bitch uh tissue
Now she wanna b bold
Where you man at tho

hey guys i've just dropped a new beat, let's check my channel and leave a comment



runnin an runnin dem bandz runnin an runnin dem bandz..money counter beep as it countin up my bandz..magic man in the game extremely gifted if it touch my hands I'm winning an dope is being distributed an there's plenty..lil did they know talking bout me has them killas now at their home as their families..here to prove myself and by any means ima prove myself even if calls for killin all that's weak

Crazy beat and vid ?

Im woke sipping on sum gin i got facebook everybody show me luv i been kicked out my apology was'nt accepted i got anointed for my sins cuz i felt torment all hands on me. with blessing oil kept dat a promise 32 years ole never been n jail. represent my hood they all missed me born and raised under eggs bacon and sausage i had blessful days woke up n da morning lights on. All nipsco

https://youtu.be/CDF2es4d0D4 new song ????

This bank roll stay on me
These niggas stay phoney
All I wanna is do is stack money .
And do it by my lonely !

mubmubz got beatzzz

Momma I know I do a lot of drugs that's enough I know u want me to sober up I'm always in cuffs always in the back of a cop car I know it must be hard to have a gangsta son that like to do drugs and hang with all thugs cause I grew up that way and everyone want to hate at this point idgaf but fuck that bitch and that slut all I think about is drugs

Nice Beat

fake mc's cant see me see 3 g's and angels come in2 then three the holy trinity forever seen at the scenes forever in the presence of my essence and i send kids food and feed the poor im the lord yall been waiting for is the storm and my spirit is torn scorn forever born with the corn on the cob they think hahaha im the one they say need a shrink well i let em keep thinking as they keep sinking under consciousness im vicious and i eat these fake rappers their delicious this cycle will never end for yall f are ems im in the game to win and im a sinner for ever linear is the style for all im risen above all the time yall see whats going on id be gone

To compose, is the ratio of E=Mc-2+2

Can I sample this?

Hey yo check it when it comes to the Mic as rhyming today I hear hardly no other betters as I got my pack of self prerolled blunts as we spark the funkadelic strain yes My own strain like snoops dream as I kept spitting till I ended up almost too lean hungry as hell now I got my head in with it now but you wouldn't understand my bank as its self employed I'm the boss fuck acting like it because now quiet boy got it back like everyday now know me just makes me wanna keep going and without the jane how would you expect me to perform without her mane?!

T&Tvevo coming soon…..


I'm liking yo shit nigga, keep up the hard work and I will continue buying beats from you nigga. But I need a beat that's kinda creepy has that trap feel and slow an emotional. If you can make one I will buy it asap brotha. Talk to a whole bunch of other producers tryna do it but none can come close. I think you can do it.

sound like Gucci gang type beat instrumental


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