[FREE] Kodak Black Type Beat x Offset x Tyga | "Sumo"

[FREE] Kodak Black Type Beat x Offset x Tyga | "Sumo"

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Kodak Black Type Beat x Offset x Tyga | “Sumo”

TheBeatPlug x IllDefined

Artwork – RoughSketchz


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Blog Comments

Added some lyrics to this beat! Please take a listen and let me know what you think!!!

Beat is sold

Hey dude, we've made something on this beat, really thanks 4 your job ! https://youtu.be/I4dMBenZnsU

shameless plug but I wrote a freestyle to this and would love if you guys took a listen https://soundcloud.com/cd2johnson/forest-hills-freestyle


This shit is so windy
I hit it like crazy
You can call be blazing
I burn bright with your shawty
Oh! Yea she's a thottie and a heavy bad baby.
Yeah she loves that candy
She loves that bag of trick or treat
she likes to play hide and seek
I want to fish and just eat
But I just F for free
blowing weed like I,m blowing trees.
Gucci on your feet like ChristianAdamG.
you get that spray on your motherfuckin skin.


I fuck it up , fuck it up every night
Everyone want a piece of my mind
I hit it right raw like Kodak uh! Yea I,m a soilder
rolling live in magnolia fuck paranoia.
This shit blows str8 to Bahamas cause I got that paper.
Everyone wants me cause I flip that paper.
Plus I got a sweet cut and I did for my girl then I did for yours cause she like how I talk
I told her she could draw on my gut with her tongue.
she wants to hang out with me cause I roll like Rick Ross.
I move straight like a boss
read me like a book and judge me like a hook.
Yeah everybody's shook cause they ain't seen these look.
Yeah everybody's shook cause they ain't read the hook.


u look big foot besides with no big foot pop with the track i fell so amazed man there so much shit that i fucking dang crave

OFFSET you and Cardi are ok or still fighting ?

Nice work on here 🔥🔥🔥


yo can I used this song

Please look at my rap too, if you got a minute!? 🔥

I can see travis on this


beat plug is the F** goat G



This beat hit on god 💯🔥🔥🔥

this is real nice 💿🔥

Check my beats Out❤ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJl4... SHOUTOUT TheBeatPlug🔥🔥

Who tryna collab? Sub me and Hit me up

Wow !

plug the master 💎

fire dog

Clean asf 🔥🔥🔥

Fr, you inspire me bruh



🔥 F I R E 🔥

Any producers here want to collab?

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