(FREE) Lil Baby Type Beat – "Dope Boy" | Free Type Beat | Rap/Trap Instrumental 2019

(FREE) Lil Baby Type Beat – "Dope Boy" | Free Type Beat | Rap/Trap Instrumental 2019

(FREE) Lil Baby Type Beat – "Dope Boy" | Free Type Beat | Rap/Trap Instrumental 2019

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(FREE) Lil Baby Type Beat – “Dope Boy” | Free Type Beat | Rap/Trap Instrumental 2019
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Blog Comments

Imma dope boy
You a gross boy
Give me some mo boy
Grab the rope boy
Ya ya

I got the big toy
You a lil boy
Yo bitch gimme joy
Ma ne me noi me noi

Uh doodle bob
See da log
I’m fuckin shit up with the mob

Rep it fo life dawg
Bring them guns out you better run dawg


I like this phat drops. If I can just drop xanax. Patron or adios and whiskey.frogman the stuntman.

You made and got it on rapchat ?respect bro

bring your melodies up some bro

Who u talkin too my nigga u cant be talkin too me what mean where ur bicth she wasnt fuckin wit me i queen on my team that be every where wit a G. Wacth ur wordz and hold ur tonge say that wrong thang and sleeped

I wanna buy this beat

I want to buy

This shit straight fire! Check out my free beats on my channel ?✨?

This beat go hard is fuck

wassup, I like your stuff! please check my channel and let me know what you think.. have a nice day

Oh Follow my ig 03_Twentyfive


Good crack right here blood

Baby would drip on this! ?? subbed and put the bell on, Lets support each other! ??

Real legend

How do i get in touch with you im in need of beats

dope bro

Dope man this a piece of Art. Everything goes smoothly. fuck yeaaaaaah

Live by the bones, betting 20 with 4 niggas break em send em home!!!
R get out ya body n that'll be the moment ya lil 1 answer the phone!!!

Nobody move but the money!! If bro flash r peep the finess we hunting

Collecting back to back they want another chance ain't trying to leave with nothing!!!!

We live by the bones came up from nothing!!!




Holy hell this bitch a hit no lyric's

I’m in a stick situation like a game I played her like PlayStation I don’t need a invistation I be fucking yo her while you master bating I need my cash no obligation don’t hate cause that’s a violation you smoke on that air that deflation rolling backwoods like a Haitian just face it I might send a donation so you can catch up to my drip like a gymnastics I flip packs you a midget Mac tryna talk to Shaq in a sticky situation 4th quarter ion need Lebron ima take the shot and ion even need a gun

in a Sticky situations switching locatings gps the money like navigations new whip no registration smoke a backwood for my concentration niggas be hating but ima keep making this money and always stay isolated I’m in sticky situation and I want it all limiitation

Im just being honestly
Girl would you ride for me
Girl i would die for you
But would die for me
They having a eye at me
I walk it silently
Fuck her for the irony
My diamonds they dance on me
She got her vans on no tee
Im sippin on henny no tea
Balmain got that on my jeans yeah
Im on the wave just like ski yeah
Keep that paper in my jeans
Do the dash outta scene
Nobody believed in me
Her pussy that shit taste sweet

Double diablo the shit
Cuban link thats on my wrist
I hit a lick
I hit it right on yo bitch
All of my diamonds on drip
Hit it like this
Yall cant flex like this
Flex like this
Gotta put it up on my wrist

You too hard ?, I just subscribed let’s support each other

This fire

Yo man! You got a new fan.
Oo oo oo ooo yah!
I'Ma download this now.

I heard u on Reese tape

Cuz I do what I want

These niggas they be sleep on me it’s time to wake them up

Dont be a hoe and belive everything these bitch niggas say keep it really simple geed up to my polo T which way he go im right here dear o dear in only god i fear i was gonna say that my life is lovely i counted so much doe i dident know what to do with it throw it in the air throw it in th air fuck it

Dopeboi I got the gas dopeboi I tote a strap try rob me gone get clapped

?End?Knowing the way life is for living for that Dope Boy Status i
?Its to do whatsoever its takes
?Space?Therefore EndSpaceOuterSpace concur the worth of the planets Earth businesses
?To have the best-est Bosses
Do what ever it takes
?End?Knowing the way life is for living for that Dope Girl Status i
?Its to do whatsoever its takes
?Space?Therefore EndSpaceOuterSpace concur the worth of the planets Earth businesses
?To have the best-est Bosses i,i's
Do whatsoever it takes

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