(FREE) Lil Keed x Roddy Ricch x Future Type Beat "Pyro" (prod. kylejunior)

(FREE) Lil Keed x Roddy Ricch x Future Type Beat "Pyro" (prod. kylejunior)

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Blog Comments

Still ur best beat in my opinion

Kyle going crazy💯💯

Done with the weed I'm on percs today

Card a bitch before I poke her face
Make her suck on the D til it percolates

Woke up early for work but I'm going late
My aim is the sky like I'm storm chasing
Make money off bars I'm fundraising

Hoes only loyal to blue faces

She not my boo but I bukkake all over that face leave her too sloppy

HK Neeko – Dead Inside (PTSD)
(Prod. By Kyle Junior)

Available on SoundCloud check the track out and give ya boi a follow !!

Shout-out @Kylejunior hit my email dog I'm tryna talk exclusives. [email protected]gmail.com


How many bpm”s?

Get the mix right bro, it’s poppin but ya high end is hittin the ceiling hard. And the mids muddy from the low end.

Can I spit on it for promo!?

Shout out to @kylejunior fye beat https://youtu.be/GbCfB2k2bh0 check out my freestyle to this beat ta ta tadayy junior hahahahaaa salute an to all yall you tubers check my music out u like comment subscribe an subcribe to kyle junior channel much respect 1000 an to every body grindin keep pushin !!!

best producer on youtube fr

melody insane bruh, 808 a lil distorted sounding tho… wish it wasnt but still fye 🔥🔥🔥

Lovin the vide on this bro!


FAAACCKKK 🖤😤💥🎧 subscribed 🤝

ice on my neck like a glacier
In other words bitch I be icey
I really think yo bitch like me
Dick her one time but won’t make her wifey
I can’t lie most these bitches be trifling
They switching sides do em wrong n they diking

This the hardest shit ever

“Yea go dummy Kyle” 🔥

All my jewelers play tennis
These bitches fw it
They hated on me cause Lano the realest
Bring in the witness
The gilla depicted
She sellin her pussy I get the commissions
Came to her senses
My bitches submissive

Mouth full of gold
Go for the green
Pops was on Dayton’s
My mom was fiend

I’m from the Tine
So much blood in the streets
This is the way that we lived
Where I’m from parents abandon they kids
Tag up the bridge
Then I go fuck on his bitch
You don’t know what the hood is
Got old hoes trippin no shoelace
I was raised off bologna and koolaid
No tooth brush just toothpaste
I don’t save hoes bitch it’s too late

After I fuck I don’t hold her
Ever seen your cousin get shot in the shoulder
Went from a shack to a Chinese Pagoda
Put it in her mouth no Russlestovers
They try to play game with me game over
Use to love this bad bitch now I don’t know her

I’m tryna buy a beat off you but it say somethin bout your email

Mannnnnnn say 🔥🔥🔥 this so hard

Beat go dumb🔥🔥

Dis fye broski 🎯



Beautifull sir

if you made nick mira type melodies you’d be a platinum producer right now

🔥 🔥 🔥 keep it coming!

Drums fill in the groove nicely 🐍🔥💧

“Precision aiming I been dropin drip on her like she a canvas”

I Think this might be the one lawd🔥🔥

Yea this do go dummy 🔥🔥

Keed would murder this. Had to sub 🔫

goin krazy

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