[FREE] Meek Mill type beat – they don't know | penacho

[FREE] Meek Mill type beat – they don't know | penacho

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This bangs

ola gostaria de comprar a licença desse beat
como faço?

Crlh mano! que foda

Briliant !


Heard this 808s and don‘t want to hear anything else.


Every single beat I heard from u has been clean af. Keep winning bro . A Fan?

You need to chill the fuck out

Holy jesus man

It s free?

check my page, drop nothing but heat, top quality audio / visuals


? ? ?

what soucery is this it's ?



Penacho is literally the ?❕?️

Them 808 set my headphones on fire, my dude!

Alright well fuck it I spit fire, people seek to meet and greet with me/Aren't you growing tired of all this weak ass beef into it you be/I freak oh gee, no one needs to see, you're to neat plus you speak of peace/I'd imagine you sneak with glee as you speak on we then reek of yeast/

Je suis fan/i am fan


its principle and trust me from time i knew i wasnt typical
sitting in the back of the class alone im not visible
probably an imbecile cause the effort i put in was minimal
bringing in a laced crown royal with coke drinkable
how am i still alive should have died its a miracle
im the only one in this whole fucking world, bold
the rest off you are fictional, thats cold im analog
the rest of you digital tryina to find a meanin of life
dig deeper thats just fools gold, if it sound to good
it probably is,one of the hands somthin smells fishy
just fold, why try to make everyone else happy, just
working the polls whos really in control, they are
the way you walk around with ur head down its was
fortold that i must succeed or watch the rest bleed
as i get on my knees pray to the ground cause thats
where everybody i ever loved is found WHY GOD
why did they kill my brothers still can picture the scars
burn marks from the back to legs from the burning rod
ripped his nails out then smashed the fingers
truth is i rather die from a firing squad, wish i could
bring her back, why are we slippin through the cracks
are we destined for economic success but i must confess
i rather take back what they took from me then make some money
but my eyes are turning green staring at myself as an early teen
a few years before that i used to play comandor keen
i had a routine where before i would go to sleep
i would lay out my jeans, keep my shoes clean
walk around looking mean, cause whos gonna fuck with me
they think they the king, but they inbetween the jack and the queen
they will try to bomb me, celebrated holoween but not becase of the candy
cause its the death of indra ghandi, peace bitch never forget the shit u did
but we are also to blame tryna keep the power thinkin they cant touch me
absolute power corrupts even the greatest man, the volcanoes are erupting
the time is now but they will interupt what the world is supposed to be
a paradise of huge trees the creatures must rely on nourismnt from green leaves
everyone must get free because selfneglect and pain is not our dentiny
it was written in the book but we keep turing the same page when will we learn
make me wanna head down to my old life and grab my fucking 12 gauge
fuck dying from old age, rather break free from the cage of the living
they bringing us the shit so we survive the rest die because he was bribed
and that the biggest lie a child should never know the feeling of hunger
enough food for us all, trust me thinkin this for time
ever since i was younger, they affter the plunder
they after the hummers, time to puncture the lies
break free from the sculpture why save the structure
cause this whole fucking system supported by rubber
the mind is like the clouds, a great idea is like thunder
so remember that life might be calling so stop stalling
they might break my legs but still always crawling

who needs others beats when @penacho exists!?

ohh boe this one

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