FREE "No Favors" J. Cole ft. Logic Type Beat (Prod. Lucid Soundz)

FREE "No Favors" J. Cole ft. Logic Type Beat (Prod. Lucid Soundz)

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? New j cole ft. logic Type Beat Type Beat / Instrumental – “no favors” (Prod. Lucid Soundz)
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Blog Comments

Hey, go check out a song I made using this beat

Beat is ? I made a song to it and a music video! Check it out!! Much love ????

? instrumental fam, people sleepin on ya


free ?

What do you use to make these beats?

Dammm!! I like that bro beat sound too good

Made a song to this, (: Thanks for allowing us to use your music for free for non-profit.

One of the top producers on the tube Lucid.

One of the best on youtube hands down ?

who can dislike ?

Check what i did on this beat Lucid

I've used this sample a while back but you did it better ????

nah but like… some niggas just touch a few buttons and click a few things and flip a few samples… then there are great producers like Lucid who just make art; beats that modify your mood and put you into their mood, they affect you and make you feel them on a different level, it's just beautiful man

yo Lucid, I'm loving your beats even more and more man, keep doing what you're doing, you're really one of the best to me (and I bet you are to many others as well)

Yo I like it bro! mad original, I just dropped some new sounds on my channel, I'd appreciate it if you checked it out family!

This non profit?


Chxpo gave me some advice . Watch out for people to nice

This beautiful bro


No shopping sample?? shit’s dope?

This beat touched my soul! If you have an ear for music check out some of my work : || Thanks for the support, I definitely will be a subscriber

What video is that in the background?
Please check these outs lemme know what ya think about em appreciate it much love??

You're on a whole new level with these jcole beats. So much life in the melodies. Then the beat drops , bringing the heart pounding drums in.
In That moment fragments of past and present feelings start racing the mind !
You are painting pictures unique to each individual.
That's something special.
Great work. Man!

crawling through my mind panning through a river of shit looking for a gold mine its all the same over and over way over my head feel like i can even breathe swallow depths where i take my steps dont wanna get to deep thats a leap i aint taking for you yet musts the shit i write flies over your head anyways dont even understand the obscure references oh well pop a molly sing about a gold watch still rockin that old casio still i wanna plan a heist i aint a bitch im down grab the loot and take it with me over the hills and far away wouldnt even last one day cash seems to just burn away in my pockets maybe i can tune my mind with an 1/8 socket blast off like a rocket fuck control i dont need space x im aiming right for north korea or the white house its all the same bullshit

Killed in this year Lucid. 2018 will be legendary.

kan I use the for non profit for my mixtape

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