(FREE) [PIANO] Gunna x Future x Roddy Ricch Type Beat "Perky" (prod. kylejunior)

(FREE) [PIANO] Gunna x Future x Roddy Ricch Type Beat "Perky" (prod. kylejunior)

(FREE) [PIANO] Gunna x Future x Roddy Ricch Type Beat "Perky" (prod. kylejunior)

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My 16yr old killed this beat…Promo use only
32Flipp #IDFWU

Those hi hats real make this beat jump! Some future shit foreal ? and the water background noise gives this beat a special signature unique sound imma drop a sub because this beat is dope bro hope to hear more from you ?


This beat is sick! Don't check out my beats you wont like them ?

Keep doin ya thing!! Send some

Free4Nonprofit my way: [email protected]gmail.com

That beat hard my boy ??

Ay fam what happened to that one future and roddy rich beat

I don’t want to feel pain ion wanna feel pain no mo lord take away this pain i don’t wanna feel pain no no I was trapped in the rain ion wanna feel pain no no things uh neva b the same ion wanna feel pain no mo

Yohhh! This shxt is hard.

God when that snare rolls at the end of the loop

Yoooooo I knew this beat sounded familiar , y’all go check out this song I promise you won’t regret it bro slid frfr .. you’ll ride this tf out ????



I don’t do perks but I’m gone off the addy
I take a brick break it down like a fraction

Count up the benjis the grants and the Jacksons

feds did a sweep but they didn’t hit the attic

you got real fire! you make crazy songs! Subscribe back!

Nice ??


Watch How I Bless This Mf ??

U crazy

Major vibes, ?☄️?

brazyy ?

Nice beat?

so crazy kyle

Holy shit

sooo smooth! Fire?

??? clean


Damn this hard as f

on repeat

nice vibe bro?


What a good vibe! Greetings from Poland bro!

You couldn't place the 808 better



Killed dat

This hard Mr. Junior ???

that water sound is kyles new thing to use in beats ?

Drippy ☔☔☔?


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