[FREE] Polo G x Lil Zay Osama Type Beat- "Old Days" (Prod. GloryGainz)

[FREE] Polo G x Lil Zay Osama Type Beat- "Old Days" (Prod. GloryGainz)

[FREE] Polo G x Lil Zay Osama Type Beat- "Old Days" (Prod. GloryGainz)

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(Prod. GloryGainz)

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And I knoooowwww you be posted up from Sunday to Saturday night???

FRJ3xHOW BOUT NOWxDRAKErmx https://youtu.be/gn0HHOAwEPM

Talk about them old days
Can't go back to old ways
Broke without a penny saved
So I touched road
Learned some lessons
now I flip Os
Was getting bagged
No hope
Now i just stack doe same roads
ain't about talking
Flicky on me leave your mum moaning
We was still on the strip by morning
Mumma so stressed co I ain't been calling
Mum know I'm out tryna get the racks all in

Damnn that's a real good shit

GloryGainz Hard ?Bruh No Cap ?✨

Aye bro hit my dms @lil.jay600

Yeah I remember all these old days, murder mysteries like OJ, it was on the news happened so often people thought it was okay, ever since a youngan i was taught to pray, but dont play it safe, cause any pussy with a gun gone blow yo brains, so don’t underestimate, niggas tried to set me up they took me as some bait, but i dont know what fucked drug these niggas fucking take, cause they talking like they killers they must hullicinate, cause they always talking tough but they wont take my plate, Yeah they wont be the prey, betta watch out how you play, cause ill leave you at the grave, yeah these bitches acting tough but in person they aint brave, lil niggas i caught yo fucking bluff now this what you got to face, a murder case, like the old days, mystery lSomething like OJ, happened so much people thought it was OK, but i dont condone violence, just if a nigga try you dont let him try it, showem you mindless, and you really riding, start applying, a little pressure, now some dont want the extreme measures, no bad weather, but we load a rain a bullets, knock off yo mullet, if you catch me lackig better have the balls to pull it, but im always alert, hit you where it hurts, im letting it burst, and ill knock off yo head leave some shit on yo shirt, Nigga walk off you dead see whos first to get merked, and im bout what i say i dont be popping no percs, ill put yo ass on a tee then sell you as merch,

emotional for real bro

Dope fam!

Heard these niggas hatin cause i did it own im a king with out a crown but at least got a thrown aint no gossiping around us better save it for the bitches watch the people in your circle they be plottin on ya riches i dont smoke no skimpy Ls we be flexin up the thickness

A could I make a song with this beat ???

it's good! FR!

Bra where tf is one day beat at i got a whole song to that i wanna buy it why tf u take it down


Could I use this beat

Glorygainz Legal ! Inscreva em meu canal, assino o teu, união faz a força

Turn this bitch up Glory!!?

LaYungin Music ? or ?

polo G finer things


Damn this shit tough bro ?

ruff times ima shine yeah I’m on my grind
niggas mad cause they watching from the sidelotta pride dedication hella time
ion wanna see my momma cry flyin high aiming for the sky
through the light fucking bitches left and right making sure my circle tight money missions every night 16 thuggin earnin stripes coolin livin life yeah I’m slidin wrong or right day or night yeah my niggas we gone ride dodgin all em flashin lights outta sight outta mind pac commin all time sink or swim I’m gone climb swear I’m in my prime

AYYEE… Im STARTING my career. Check me out and give me feedback. Link up if your GOOD https://soundcloud.com/user-723932800/tracks

Them Crashes tho

Talk about them old days goin back to old ways in n out callin same plays goin threw it just a phaze family switchin up thhey face on a money chase quick to replace em always doubt em quick to mistake never catch a break strugling cuz i aint fake n take from someone who can barley fill they plate tryen to be on time but always late if i got to go this way than its fate no room for love pure hate

good shit ?

Mek me tell you bout old days
When me and me fren dem a chill pon the block and a roll grades
Mount lyrics weh me got could a done a thousand book some man cah write hold page
Dem catch up ina old age ???

Hard g

This is so nice bro

This fye bro


U make the best beats I got a rap for almost every polo g type beat ifwy??

You make the tuffest beats?

This cold ??


U killed it bro ??

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